It’s Not Even Halloween

I feel like I’m going to throw up. I’m sleep-deprived, but Ambien’d out. I don’t want to drug up again tonight. I thought going to the gym would make me feel better, but after jogging lightly on the treadmill for 90 minutes while watching Dancing with the Stars, I feel nauseous. I came home, folded my laundered clothes, and tried to power through our current book club book The Bonfire of the Vanities. Sometimes I can get into it, but sometimes I get lost in the details. It’s a little much. Did Tom Wolfe get anyone to edit this great American novel? It should be half the size.

I partied way too much the past couple nights and now I’m embroiled in the aftermath. The holiday hasn’t even come yet. I swear I am trick-or-treating with Dominic then calling it a night. I’m totally beat. I will be reprising my costume for the third time as Fame / Olivia Newton-John / Xanadu. The leg warmers don’t come through in the pictures. I’ll try to get some more on Wednesday.

Sidenote: During our writing class last week, Adair made us all wear head costumes (wigs, crowns, Cleopatra garb, pirate hat). I was Davey Crockett or Daniel Boon or someone of that sort. Class was quite funny. I should have taken pictures.


I know I’M crazy. YOU know I’m crazy. You know YOU’RE crazy. But some people are really crazy! I met this really fun couple at a bar, visiting from North Carolina. They were smitten with me and I was smitten with them…OK, I know what you’re thinking…but that’s not it.

So they wanted to play cupid and set me up with a good friend of theirs who lives locally. Sure! I trust their judgement. I’m totally game for meeting new people. I exchange numbers with the couple. They act as mediator and give my number to their friend (I’ll call him Toby).

Toby calls the next day. We chat and make a point to get together for coffee or tea. Here are his subsequent text messages. I saved them and now I need to get rid of them because my phone is overcapacitated. Hence, the post.

1. Let’s meet tomorrow sweety…This way we’ll be a little more relaxed. I am taking care of kelly and steven. I will call u tomorrow before noon. Is that ok?

2. Cheers lovely…we’ll make tomorrow a relaxing experience. Enjoy your evening.

I don’t shy away from affection. Hugs and kisses are plentiful for guys I am dating, but I have to draw the line as well as question the judgment of someone who calls me ‘sweety’ and ‘lovely’ when he’s never even met me!

What do you think? Am I being too harsh? My girlfriends saw the texts and immediately poo-poohed him as did I. “Ewwww, disgusting!”

I never contacted him again.