I’m Getting an iPhone!

I’m finally taking the plunge and buying an iPhone! You are probably asking why it has taken me this long. I have a Blackberry. Not only do I have a Blackberry, but my company pays for the device and my monthly cell phone bill. I haven’t paid a single cell phone bill for the past 9 years!

I figure it’s high time for me to take the plunge even if I am going to have to foot the bill on my own. Besides I need a new camera and figure I could just as easily take great pictures with an iPhone. Problem solved!

I researched all the different providers and plans and decided on the following:

Sprint no contract, pay as you go $70/monthly plan

$100 pre-owned iPhone 4

What do you think? I researched the different family plans and it was cheaper for me to go solo instead of doing an unlimited family plan for both me and Dean.

What will be weird is carrying both a Blackberry (work email and cell phone) and an iPhone (which will essentially act as my mini-computer).

Advice on apps I should download? I am so excited to join the world of iPhone users. And Siri. Can’t wait to get acquainted with Siri.


  1. says

    I love my iPhone but I don’t really use it to the fullest. I have my social media icons on it so I have those options. One of my favorite apps is probably CardMunch although I haven’t used it that much…you can take a picture of a business card and it will add them to LinkedIn.

    • Catherine says

      Michelle, once I get my iPhone, I’m going to find some power users and have them show me their tips and tricks. CardMunch, yeah! Adding that.

  2. says

    I love my iPhone and BlogLovin is a must, as well as The Beautiful Mess Photo App that lets you do all cool photo editing right from your camera roll and photo stream. I am with ATT on a family share plan, but they allowed me to use my affiliation with being a teacher to get a 20% off discount. You should check to see if your company gives any discounts like that through different carriers. For instance, my husband works with Canon and ATT would have offered 10% off through his company. We opted for my 20%, but still 10% is better then nothing at all. So happy for you though and I remember first getting my iPhone a few years ago and how excited I was, too :)

    • Catherine says

      Ahh good point, Janine. I hadn’t checked about corporate discounts. I will be sure to get on that. Writing Bloglovin and Beautiful Mess on my list of apps to download. Thank you!

  3. Brendon says

    I’m getting rid of mine!! Just getting tired of apple. Not the easy simple way it used to be….sorry:-(

    • Catherine says

      Brendon, then it’s a good thing I didn’t commit to a contract. I figure if I don’t like it, can always get rid of it.

  4. says

    Hooray! You’ll love it. My favorite apps are all social, of course. I like Afterlight for photo editing and Hootsuite for tweet scheduling. Siri: I could do without her. She doesn’t speak my language. 😉

  5. Michelle says

    and now that your blog is income producing, and you post photos and will likely blog from your smartphone, it will be a tax deduction!

  6. says

    Yay welcome to the iPhone family!!! I am so happy for you! Must have apps for me are The Bible app and all my social media. Depending on what you want to do most on your phone, there will be some apps essential to your goals. Check out the technology page on my blog for some inspiration to get you started. Have fun playing!

    ~ Ferly
    Gifts We Use {to grow, love and serve}

  7. says

    I’ve had my iPhone for a little over a year, and I love it. I try to avoid a lot of apps, but I do love Shazam (it tells you the name and artist of the song that is playing- very cool). I can never get Siri to answer my questions, but my kids love to ask her silly things like “Do you love me?” or “What should I wear tomorrow?” That’s always entertaining :)

    • Catherine says

      Yes, I think I’m already addicted. I downloaded Shazam. I’m really into the podcasts. So now even when I’m commuting, I can absorb information. I love it!

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