I Left My Art in San Francisco

I’m a big fan of the arts. Yesterday, I went to an exhibit at the Southern Exposure in Potrero Hill. Truly amazing stuff. I’d tell you to check it out, but yesterday was the last day.

I keep a never-ending list of all the art I want to see. Many places have similar exhibit cycles so on the last day, I’m furiously running around the city, hoping to catch them before they get taken down.

At Southern Exposure, Chris Sollars put together this insightful video installation. He filmed eleven people dressed up in garbage bags sitting down and walking around Market Street. Sitting down, these people actually looked like typical bags of garbage. No one seemed to notice or care. Then the bags of garbage would get up and start walking around Market Street. Tourists and other people started laughing and taking notice. The camera phones came out. It was quite funny! Interesting how we don’t seem to mind garbage polluting our city until the garbage gets up and starts moving around…which is essentially what happens, but to a lesser extent. Give a hoot, don’t pollute!

The same artist draped an SUV in paper, then with a pencil produced a rubbing of the whole car. A massive beast of a car reduced to a sketch on paper covering a whole wall of the gallery. It’s a simple, flimsy sketch that stands for something greater. The consequences of driving an SUV—the pollution, the intrusion on space—cannot be reduced.

Next, I stopped by a new SOMA gallery, AfterModern. A sign on the door said they were unfortunately closed in order to install a new heating system. The owner saw me walking away dejected, asked me to come in, and gave me a personal tour. This is a gallery to watch. The owner has a great eye for talent. Many of the artists are undiscovered which makes the prices reasonable. I am seriously considering buying a couple pieces! The owner asked if I was a collector. I told him I was merely a fan of art, but his question planted a dream in my head. I could do this. In ten years, I could own a gallery.

I did some research on the artist whose paintings I’m considering purchasing. He’s a young guy who’s been tapped by Nike and Urban Outfitters to create work for them. Urban Outfitters?! I couldn’t believe it. That’s one of my favorite retailers. Hip, stylish, different. I’ve clearly zero’d in on what I like.

Besides artwork, I also want to mention the ODC dance theater in the mission. I’m always impressed with the caliber of the choreographers, dancers, and the overall performances.

With everything we have to offer here, especially with the new De Young Museum and the Conservatory of Music, San Francisco is really burgeoning as one of the greatest places for modern, thought-provoking works of art.

Haircut, Clothing, Skincare

It’s referral time. Time to give you my personal tips on the best the city has to offer.

Zip Zap
245 Fillmore // Haight next to Indian Oven

This is hands-down the best haircut in the city. And the kicker? It’s only $40. Where the hell in the city can you get a great cut for two jacksons? I always throw in a $10 tip because I think they’re under-pricing themselves. They should be charging the going rate of $65, but maybe the discounted rate is what keeps their business rocking.

My ex used to get his hair cut here and I loved accompanying him because the owner is HOT! He’s a total cutie, some surfer dude from San Diego. He’s not gay either. One of these days I’m going to recommend him for The Bachelor. Mike’s been cutting my hair for a while now. He was booked up on Friday so Tara cut my hair and she was fabulous, too. I think anyone there is really good.

Clothing for Men and Women
2nd Street and South Park

So you save on the haircut and splurge on the clothes. There’s a reason why I bring my lunch to work everyday. I’m really into the Chef Boyardee cans for $1. $1 lunch. You can’t beat that!

My friend Conrado bought me a birthday present from this place several years back. I checked it out and fell in love. Jeremy’s is like a boutique version of Loehmann’s. Expensive clothing at discounted prices. I try not to go often because I always end up spending a paycheck. Something regularly-priced at $200+ will be marked down to $80. I was on a mission to buy some new pants and the one pair of pants that fit me in the store was $120. Yikes! They fit perfectly, too. So I had to have them. You’ll be seeing me wear them everyday.

Linda Georgedes

I’ve had problem skin my whole life. I had awful acne as a teenager. I’ve got hyper-pigmentation. I swear by this medical esthetician. My skin has never been better. After I told her I’m allergic to normal sunscreens, she named the exact sunscreen that took me years and years to find.

Be forewarned: this is not your typical, soothing, relaxing facial. I was extremely uncomfortable with the microdermabrasion and the extractions were painful beyond belief. But instead of washing your face (I mean, I can do that on my own), she’s actually doing something. She is amazing. If you go, tell her I referred you.

$125 for a 90 minute session which includes microdermabrasion and brow shaping.