Money Monday: Buy from Bed Bath & Beyond

I did some comparison shopping: Amazon, Walgreens (which is the West Coast equivalent of CVS), and Bed Bath & Beyond and can confirm that you save the most if you shop for your toiletries at the BBB super store (the one in SF carries toiletries) and use these coupons.

Save at Bed Bath & Beyond

I collect these coupons like a prized stamp collection. I sign up for the BBB mailings here. I’ve signed myself up using different names and the same mailing address. I signed my parents up so that they can give me their coupons. Then I stash all of them, including the ones that people in our apartment complex dump in the recycling bin, in our car. So whenever we happen to be at a BBB, I grab my coupons from the glove compartment. I have like 50 of them at any given time! That’s 20% off every single toiletry item. That’s $5 off expensive containers of contact solution or a pack of razors.

Love BBB.


  1. says

    I love that they let you use multiple coupons and ignore the expiration date. I discovered that when you move and process your change of address through the USPS, Bed Bath and Beyond sends you the holy grail of coupons: 20% off your entire purchase!

    • Catherine says

      Yes, no expiration date! I mean how cool is that? And I didn’t know that about the change of address. BBB has got it going on!

  2. says

    Used to go there all the time when we were first married and absolutely loved their products and prices, but do admit haven’t frequented as much lately, but do agree you get such great quality for the price!!

  3. says

    Love BBB too, and now I get the coupons texted to me in addition to paper copies. They are the only place that sells my Keurig coffee filters – I’d be lost without them!

    • Catherine says

      Yes, so many household items to be had at BBB. I could spend (surprisingly) hours there. It’s so weird.

  4. says

    The last two times I’ve gone, I forgot my coupons. I need to treat these like gold but it is so frustrating not to have them when I go!

    • Catherine says

      Can you keep them in your car or in your wallet? Dana who commented above says she has the coupons texted to her!

  5. says

    I don’t shop there often because we don’t have one in our town, although its not that far. I seem to get all sorts of great deals at CVS these days because they email % off coupons that I can put on my card and then you get coupons for buying certain things…a few times I’ve come out of there feeling like I just did an extreme couponing shopping trip (which believe me I would never pull off at the grocery store). And they take expired coupons at our store too! :)

  6. Catherine says

    Michelle, we don’t have CVS here in California (I do know them well, though, from all my time hanging out in NYC). But we have Walgreen’s which is practically the same and they also give coupons that I’ve collected before!

  7. says

    Lol at riffling through your building’s recycling for BBB coupons – I do the same thing! $5 off $15+ are my favorite. That’s 33% off my soap, deodorant, toothpaste, bubble bath, etc! BTW, CVS is in California, just not as omnipresent as Walgreens. My neighborhood Walgreens closed due to a fire 2 years ago and a CVS is moving in. Can’t wait for it to open!

    • Catherine says

      Hi Abby, thank you for commenting! I’m following you now! Yes, the $5 off $15 are the bomb! I had no idea we had CVS. I will look out for them.

  8. says

    I love BBB too! I’ve got a secret for ya! One day I went there to buy a replacement food processor but forgot my coupon. I could have saved $10! I told one of the reps and they gave me a number to text, and boom, right there on my phone was 20% off, try it next time you get in a bind!

    • Catherine says

      That is an awesome tip, Nellie. They have such great customer service I’m not surprised they did that. But something I’ll need to remember!

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