Hiking the Sequoia Audubon Trail in Pescadero

I’m baaack! After working 12 days straight with the exception of the 4th of July, I had to step away from the blog and social media for a while. I was also pretty exhausted and cranky. But now I’m ready to get back online. But in order to have something interesting to say, you have to have a life and step away from the computer!

Yesterday Dean and I went south down Highway 1. We started out with brunch at Moss Beach Distillery. Yuck, the food was so bad and expensive, but such a historical place with lores of a haunted ghost. Then we did this beautiful marshland hike called the Sequoia Audubon Trail adjacent to the Pescadero State Beach. Short and easy, but different and beautiful.


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    Oh so glad you are back and you were missed, but totally understand and have been stepping away more from the computer myself this summer, which has been so very nice on this end, too.

    And your hike looked amazing and happy you and Dean were able to do this yesterday. And thank you for sharing here with us!! :)

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    Your hike looks amazing and I love the picture of the hut of branches at the end! It reminds me of a pic I have of my kids taken in Washington State when we were visiting my parents. It’s one of my favorites!

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