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You know what’s better than having someone read your palm or your tarot cards? Both of which I’ve had done (purely for shits and giggles), and was money poorly spent.

Do you want a 1-page, in-depth analysis of your character?

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve been scary self-conscious of my handwriting. Maybe because I could never read my mom’s, I figured I was destined to follow the same genetic penmanship. As soon as academically possible, I stopped cursive and switched to print.

The idea of having my handwriting analyzed by a certified professional entered my thoughts recently. I did some research and found Tricia Sabol online. Her Harvard law degree sealed the deal for me. If she can get her degree from one of the top law schools in the country, then I’m sure she’s done extensive study when it comes to her handwriting craft.

I sent her a full page of my normal handwriting (which is print), but then she requested several lines of cursive which I had to practically relearn, I hadn’t done it in so long.

Her analysis, which came today 10 days after she received my letter, was so perceptive and precise, I’m stunned and still trying to take it all in. Here ’tis.


Handwriting Analysis Report for Catherine Gacad

One of the traits that is most clearly present in your handwriting is that you are a broadminded person.  You keep an open mind in most matters and are willing to consider all sides of an issue.  In general, you listen carefully to others and willingly consider their suggestions.  Although you may not agree with what others have to say, you strongly believe that everyone has the right to his or her own opinions.

With respect to your thinking processes, you are capable of carefully analyzing problems when the situation calls for it.  You like to gain knowledge through first-hand observation in order to minimize the possibility of distortion or omission of facts.  You have a natural need to investigate that will prompt you to search for knowledge.

You feel anxious much of the time.  The discomfort stems from feelings of inadequacy when you compare yourself to those who are above you in position or those who you think have more abilities than you.  You may feel crushed by pressure from superiors or people in authority.  You feel somewhat less pressured by people who you consider to be your peers.

You often express your personal frustration through the use of sarcasm, and you may feel the need to defend yourself by making hostile or cutting remarks.  You also have a tendency to be impatient, which can manifest in a number of different ways.  You may allow people and situations to get on your nerves.  You may become irritated when having to wait in line.  You may try to rush things instead of allowing them to follow a natural course.

You enjoy spending time by yourself, and you do not need a large number of friends in order to be happy.  Sometimes you purposefully set out to restrict your involvement with others, particularly when you feel overly stressed.  You are often willing to stand alone and rely solely on yourself in order to get things done.

When there is something that you want that requires the assistance of others, you have a tendency to forego your normally broadminded disposition, and you display a domineering personality.  At these times, you try to control people and situations through bossiness.  You may resort to making demands instead of requests and expect your orders to be obeyed, without question and as quickly as possible.  You may act this way to cover up your feelings of inadequacy as previously described.

When it comes to expressing your innermost feelings, you put up a barrier to keep the world from getting to know them.  You have a strong external protective mental shell that others can mistake as a sign of confidence.  It appears that you learned at an early age to keep your insecure feelings and pain hidden from the world.  There is no intent to mislead or deceive; rather, you merely block off intimate information from others.  You want to keep certain facts and feelings private.

As stated above, you are a person who does not want to mislead others.  Your communication with others is certain to be honest.  When you express your opinions about an issue that is personally important to you, you speak the truth, and you say whatever needs to be said.

You are frequently concerned about matters of the immediate moment, and you often allow yourself to be caught up in the details of daily life.  For example, you may be preoccupied with questions such as: What will I wear today?  Who will I have lunch with?  What movie will we see tonight?

Your long-term goals are conservative.  Even though you are an intelligent person, you will not sacrifice your security to try something risky.  You often base your goals on the types of successes that you have had in the past.

Finally, you are able to fix and hold your attention on a specific project or task for long periods of time when you want to do so.  Your powers of concentration are strong, and you are able to retain your train of thought despite interruptions.


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    You have me wondering if you write just like me, because your analysis sounds just like me. Funnily enough, I just included something about a brief handwriting analysis that I had done a while ago in a post I wrote this morning. And Michelle has me intrigued about invoking new personality traits through writing styles – definitely looking in to that!

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