Livin La Vida Loca

We are keeping it real, living in the Mission this week on our quest to try out different neighborhoods before we buy. We rented our apartment in Nob Hill to a nice British gentleman who is in SF for work. Last time we tried the Potrero neighborhood, which we loved. This time, we opted for the Mission. We are a block away from the hospital on the corner of Hampshire and 23rd. I have to admit, I didn’t have very high expectations, but I am really loving it here. Sure this ‘hood is a bit grittier, but it’s got character. I haven’t felt unsafe. Lots of people always on the bus and walking around. I feel like I’m living in Mexico City!

The 9L bus whisks me to and from work so quickly, I’ve been shocked. This is my first experience dealing with a timely Muni bus! Can’t beat that!!

The apartment we’re staying in is small, but lovely and fine for us which makes me think we really don’t need a lot of space. Dean and I are so low maintenance. If the 2 of us can live in this treehouse for a week, then a reasonably-priced, minimalist home should be enough. We always joke that people buy big homes purely to put more shit in it.

What’s great about the couple renting to us is that they are doing exactly what I aspire to do. They own a 2-unit building, live upstairs, and rent the downstairs unit. The rent for the downstairs unit covers their mortgage. Score! In addition to the 2-unit building, they pounced on this tiny loft next door which they had used for family and friends visiting from out of town. Now that Airbnb has blown up, they’ve been renting it out to RAVE reviews. The rental is inexpensive. It’s nice and clean. And they’re the nicest hosts ever. So they’ve got a great little side business going.



    • Catherine says

      Hi Alethea, thank you for stopping by. We are lucky to have the flexibility to try different neighborhoods out. I love your Calgon post. Women need a Calgon weekend!

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