I will sell this house today! I will sell this house today!

I am one big furball of stress.

As Annette Bening repeated fanatically in the movie American Beauty, “I will sell this house today. I will sell this house today,” I am putting my place on the market soon! After my tenants vacate on Presidents Day, I will be enlisting a team of contractors to make it look like a dream home. That said, if anyone out there is interested in buying my 1 bedroom garden condo (see picture) with parking in Lower Pacific Heights, let me know. We can easily work something out. I have a phenomenal realtor and we will put a workable plan in place that is favorable to all parties involved. Remember: a mortgage is cheaper than rent, the interest is tax-deductible, and it is a fine investment for San Francisco.

As the Burning Man Volunteer Coordinator for the ARTery, I am tasked with finding and orienting new volunteers. ‘Tis the season for doing that, leading  up to the start of our upcoming monthly meetings in preparation for the 2013 Burn. The ARTery is charged with bringing all that phenomenal art to the playa (no museum will ever compare to what you see on the playa). So if you like art (unbelievable, jaw-dropping art) and Burning Man, then this is the place for you. Hit me up if you’re inclined. We have a hoot of a time.

Tonight: Book Club I. 75 pages to finish…can I read it in time?

Thursday: Seeing a new acupuncturist.

Sunday: 49ers game, family reunion.

Monday: Holiday, seeing a nutritionist for the first time.

Tuesday: Book Club II. Didn’t like the book so stopped reading it.

Thursday: SF Ballet Gala.

And I am a full-time worker bee, trying to get preggers, working on a blog redesign, and blogging every day. Is someone productive or what?!

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