Money Monday: Burning Man Swag

Since I’m just coming off my Burning Man high, I thought I’d share some pics of all the great loot I brought back from the playa. The most ever! I guess when you work harder than you ever had, people appreciate you more and you get presents. Remember Burning Man operates as a gift economy. So even though this column is supposed to be about money, this just goes to show that there are societies that operate completely non-monetarily. I LOVE MY GIFTS! So grateful for everything I got, even if it’s not pictured here.

Patches! Who doesn’t love long-lasting patches? I’m ready to stitch this stuff on now.


And look at these bomb-ass stickers! You know a Burner from all the stickers they put on their Mac laptops or their cars. Anyone remember my crappy car all decked out with stickers? Mean Dean removed all but one. Boo!


Pretty pretty necklaces. I am going to put these on a charm bracelet.


Here is a close-up. See that personalized one with my name? My friend Brian was so sweet and had that made for me when I gifted him with a ticket. That one, obviously, is my favorite.

I also got a bunch of warm, good quality hoodies and t-shirts, but all of that is a pile waiting to be washed. They are filthy with dust because I wore them during the event.


  1. Kampy says

    Wow… you got so many awesome gifts! 2011 was my first burn, and although I’m an outgoing guy who met a lot of people, and helped with a lot of art projects, I was only given 2 gifts (other than booze, or lemonade) and that was a small photo print and a sticker.

    Meanwhile, all my friends came home with a variety of necklaces and stickers and bracelets, etc.

    I hate to sound bitter (I’m certainly not, my first burn was enough of a gift in and of itself) but I am somewhat puzzled as to why nobody felt compelled to offer me anything. Is it because I never asked for anything? I feel asking for something takes the joy out of the gifting experience, so I would never ask someone for a gift.

    Next year I will bring small gifts to give out and maybe I’ll get some cool stuff myself!

    (and yes, I know BM is about the experience and the connections and not about “stuff”… I get it! Just kinda curious how to get plugged into the “gifting” side of BM like you certainly appear to be!)


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