Letter to Myself

I’ve got a pile of papers, clippings, magazine articles of places to go sitting on my dining room table.  I always have a single pile of papers in my household, whether it was in business school or here now, or even at work.  A pile of stuff.

I’m sifting through tonight, trying to cleanse.  Every once in a while, I cleanse.  I came across this letter to myself.  I wish I’d dated it.  It was written in either 2008 or the year before.  I suspect it was last year.
Ask, Believe, Receive
I want a boyfriend I love.  Someone who loves me back.  I want someone I can call every night, someone I enjoy spending time with, someone I’m proud of.  
I want my next boyfriend to believe that I am the most amazing person ever, that I’m his life partner, that we should be married.
I believe that all of this will come true this year.  I believe that I’ve already met this person.  I believe that everything will work out.
Then I signed my name with a heart.
The part about already meeting this person was wrong, but otherwise, my wish out to the universe came true!

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