2006 Countdown

2007 is about six hours away.

I always put together a list of goals that I expect to accomplish over the year and I try to refer to it as often as I can. When I looked at my list for 2006, I looked at it in a new light because I knew I was going to write this post. I had written the goals out in no particular order, but found it fascinating that I seemed to accomplish the goals that I had written at the top of the list and not really accomplished the ones I had written toward the end.

The very first one (again, I had written these in no particular order) was to complete a successful conversion. The last goal was to qualify for the Boston marathon. I laughed when I realized maybe the way I had prioritized my goals (even though I hadn’t planned it that way) strongly correlated to me accomplishing them. My career goals were at the top and my physical goals were toward the bottom. I spent most of my time this year working. I have never worked so hard in my life. I put my personal life aside, quit the gym, stopped running.

I’m not going to list all my 2006 goals here, but some of the ones I had accomplished were: pray every day, get down to 85 pounds, call mom, dad, and Therese once a week, plan monthly dinners with frends, date once a week, and read a book a month. Some of the ones I did not accomplish were: write in my blog every day, join a writing salon / take a writing class, join a running club, volunteer once a month, and run the NYC marathon.

I decided to give my goals a facelift this year. I want to focus on the really important things—like me—and make the goal measurable and realistic so I actually accomplish them this year. Here is a glimpse at a few of my goals for 2007. Surprisingly, I have eliminated any dating, wedding bell goals!

  • Find inner peace. I will strive to do activities that make me happy. Every day, I will pray and write down one thing I am grateful for.
  • Look at family with wonder (like we do with Dominic). Be nice. Spend quality time with each family member at least once a quarter.
  • Be selfless. Search for a meaningful volunteer activity. Start actively volunteering by March.
  • Stay healthy. Figure out a vitamin regimen. Eat a serving of vegetables or fruit every day. Curtail the daily cookie obsession.
  • Do what you love: write. I will write in my blog seven times a week.

Time to get primped up for the big countdown. Happy new year’s, everyone. Thank you for reading and caring. I will see you in 2007!

Much love and appreciation to all of my family, friends, and readers.


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