Blunder Woman!

Many moons ago, on the Burning Man playa, a friend of mine came into camp and gave me a Wonder Woman doll that he found laying in the dust. Whenever I look at the doll, I feel inspired. I think, “Yeah, I can do it. I’m just like Wonder Woman!”

Well those days are long gone because I can’t do it all anymore. I’ve spent my whole life giving, contributing, and leading, and it’s finally time to say NO!

Clearly this is all my fault because too many times in the past, I’ve said yes. But this is a new era and I’ve decided that 2013 is going to be the year of ME.

ME, ME, ME, ME! That’s right, just me!

I’ve got a house to sell.

I’ve got a ghost baby to conceive.

I’ve got a blog that is finally (after years of hard work) gaining significant momentum.

That means no more time for alumni councils or alumni functions.

Sorry, but I’m sure others can step in to help with our 20-year high school reunion. Why don’t we just pick a night and have drinks at the Forbidden Island in Alameda? Zero stress, zero planning.

I’ve got to curtail my time commitment to Burning Man. That may be the death of me, dealing with new volunteers and responding to questions about shifts and the schedule and tickets. Yikes!

I’m also big on group events. More bang for your buck, if you ask me. But what drives me batty are the people who can’t do the group lunch or the happy hour, and next think you know I’ve got emails asking for a 1×1 dinner or brunch. At least until my home is sold, I cannot deal with the 1x1s. I’ve got a handful of things scheduled over the next two weeks, but that’s it.

I’m on lock-down until my house is sold and the cash is in my hand.