Money Monday: Finding a Business Partner

Let’s make a deal! Anyone interested in becoming my business partner?

The more we rent places out and experience first-hand how owners bring in a a steady high rental income, the more I’m convinced that this is the path to early retirement. We are currently renting a super cute flat in Potrero Hill with an adorable sunny garden that makes me sing. The owners live above the flat and I’m pretty sure that this rental more than covers their mortgage.

I am now dead-set on finding the ultimate property with an in-law or separate unit to cash in on the rental income. There are always multi-unit properties available for sale. Here’s my question. How do you find investors who are interested in collaborating with you?

Please comment below for all to see.

Home: This Was The One

I wanted this home in Bernal Heights. Open house was on a Tuesday in the afternoon. I asked if I could see it over the weekend; the agent said offers were due the next day and the owner would most likely take one of them. She was right because a sale is now pending.

A home in San Francisco with no HOA fees plus a $1,000 studio below the home to offset your mortgage. Are you kidding me?  I would have overbid the $700k asking price by $50k. If you put 20% down on $750,000 subtract the rental income of $1,000, your mortgage would be $1700!!!

This was THE property of properties to buy in the city.

Here’s the studio.