Money Monday: the $1,000 Blog

9 days sick and counting. Working very hard. No time-off allowed. Congested, sneezing, sexy voice. Every work day, I’ve escaped the office only once, to stand in line at the San Francisco Soup Co. for my beloved Tomato Bisque. Tasty, hearty, soothing goodness! Forget coffee or caffeine, this is a true cup of happiness. The line is 30-people deep. I feel┬ácamaraderie. I am not alone, I’m not the only one sick.

Because of the NYE and New Year’s Day posts I missed my Money Monday series, but will capture it today.

Come February, this blog will be 8 years old. I’m extremely proud of the strong, devoted readership I’ve developed, but even more proud of the fact that I’ve continued writing for all time. Yey me! I’ve had many requests over the years to advertise on my site, but until now, I haven’t felt the desire. I don’t need the money and this was always my passion and craft anyway. I do it for fun and for myself, not for commercial purposes.

But lately I’ve been thinking, why not? I deserve the monetization my blog can court. And so, this is the year I’m finally going to make money on my blog! Holla! By February 1st just in time for the 8 year anniversary, the site will be completely redesigned. I’ve loved the current design of my blog, but think that it’s finally time for a change. It’s going to be clean because that’s the aesthetic I prefer, with a font that’s easier to read. You’re going to love it.

I am brimming with excitement for the new developments my blog will take, but know that you will always have little me writing, doling out my opinion, and sharing my experiences here with you. We are on an online journey together.

Never Worked A Day in Her Life

I must weigh in on Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen’s attack on Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s wife Ann. In questioning Ann’s ability to relate to the masses, Hilary stated that Ann had never worked a day in her life. This set off Twitter mania and there isn’t anything I like more than a good debate. This is why I blog so people know what I think. I find it unbelievably surprising that the most popular blogs are design blogs, what rug goes with what couch; or celebrity blogs, who’s Kim Kardashian dating now. Who cares?

THIS is what matters. Politics, opinion, debate, thought. Anyone thinking out there?

Firstly, Hilary Rosen won’t and shouldn’t get her bonus this year. Her tirade was a blow to Obama’s campaign and a huge coup for the Republican party. You can think it, but DON’T SAY IT!

When I heard what Rosen said, I thought, that sounds like Ann Coulter—the ultraconservative darling of the Republican party. Can’t you hear Coulter saying to stay at home moms, “You never worked a day in your life.” Now if Coulter had said something of the sort, I swear to God, Fox News and the Republican party would back her up! That’s what I don’t understand. As soon as you get a Democrat professing her beliefs, it doesn’t matter where she lands, according to Republicans, she should be taken out back and shot!

I’m spawned from immigrant, working-class roots so I’ll scrutinize stay-at-home, soccer moms until I die. Even if I was well off, and became a stay-at-home, I’d still poke fun at the fact that I spent my days living the easy life compared to women out there who have to work and also generate income!

Mrs. Romney has no idea what that’s like. I have no doubt that raising 5 boys is tough, but what the fuck was she doing when they were in school full time? What the hell was she doing when they left home? Yes, she was sick and had health issues to deal with. But she should be honest and tell the voting public that she has no inkling what it’s like to be in OUR shoes. Maybe she has worked hard, but the woman never made a single penny in her whole life. That’s the truth.

I do not know whether I’m going to vote for Obama or Romney. I will decide over time. But this particular debate is crucial.

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, you’re telling me that your wife worked hard raising your sons. That’s awesome. You say it’s hard work being a mother. That’s great. But it’s only ok to be that kind of mother if she’s fully supported financially by a millionaire like you. What about the mothers out there with 5 kids who also have to work? You plan on cutting government support programs for them. Eliminate Planned Parenthood. Away with food stamps. Restrict abortions. How does any of that make sense? Yet you admit that being a mother is hard work. What, then, Mr. Future Potential President, are YOU going to do for the working woman?!?!?!?

The hypocrisy has me steamed. At this point, Obama, I’m on your side.