1 Night and 1 Day in Point Reyes

While everyone is enjoying the holiday week and weekend, I got exactly 1 day (the 4th of July) to take advantage of an abbreviated vacation. Dean and I took off after work on Wednesday and headed to scenic Point Reyes which is an hour away from San Francisco. Given the limited timeframe, I made sure to pack it in. Here is a visual summary of our 1 night, 1 day vacation.

We stayed at the Tomales Bay Resort in Inverness. Nothing says vacation more than being right on the water.

We had dinner at the Michael Bauer (SF Food Critic)–approved Sir and Star in Olema. Service was horrendous, but the food was so incredible I didn’t mind. Everything is very locally-sourced within a few miles of the restaurant. Fuck real foie gras, their faux gras was a jar of fatty buttery goodness; it truly should be illegal.

We had brunch outdoors at the Station House Cafe in Point Reyes Station.

The Tomales Point Trail took us 4 hours to hike round-trip: coastal bluffs, tule elk reserve, wildflowers, sand dunes. One of the best hikes ever! The snake that slithered in front of me gave me a scare, but otherwise absolute bliss. We hiked to the very end of the trail, to the edge of the continent.

Homeward bound!

Point Reyes National Seashore

Greetings from Point Reyes!

We decided to get out of town for just one night, and headed north to the expansive Point Reyes National Seashore which is a massive preserve geologically separated from it’s neighboring Marin County (source Wikipedia, including photo source).


We walked around Limantour Beach, then briskly hiked the Pacific Coast trail. The Bear Valley Visitor Center indicated that they’d counted 27 whale sightings yesterday and 2 today. Hopefully we’ll get to see whales and elk tomorrow. The only big wildlife we saw today were quail.

We had a nice dinner at a new restaurant called the Saltwater Oyster Depot, played Scrabble, and now we’re reading before bedtime at a B&B all in the cute town of Inverness.