Purisima Creek Redwoods

Purisima Creek Redwoods, an hour south of San Francisco, is the Mt. Tam of the Peninsula. The parking lot is full, the open space preserve is busy, but as soon as you put in some mileage and hike toward the summit, you only see ripped mountain bikers with true grit. Can’t say I’d go again, I was rather bored with the redwood scenery that never changed despite the several hour hike. But the centipede and banana slug were pretty awesome.

I Love So Many Things

During the homily, the priest talked about some of the things my uncle loved. A few of the things caught me by surprise and it made me wonder if people know what I love.


Books and libraries, fiction

Looking at great art, going to museums

Getting mail—the good kind, not bills or credit card promotions

My mom’s cooking. She cooks with a lot of fresh vegetables. Her food is healthy and good for you. But I especially love her lumpia. It’s the BEST. During the holidays, I could eat one after another, with big scoops of my aunt’s spinach dip. Amazing!

Oysters, foie gras, french fries, ice-cream cake, milk chocolate

Travelling, exploring, hiking

The Bay Area, NYC, Burning Man, Palm Springs

When others do the cooking

Pink flowers of all kinds—roses, carnations, whatever

Restaurants, wine tasting, happy hour, brunch

Steam rooms


My amazing family and friends

What do you love? Do people know?

Hiking Joaquin Miller Park

We headed to the outdoors today. I wanted to pick a hike specifically in the East Bay versus Marin, the Peninsula, or the South Bay. I decided on Joaquin Miller Park in the Oakland hills. I’m embarrassed to say in all my years of hiking, I’ve only been to the community center at Joaquin Miller. Pretty pathetic for someone who has spent almost her whole life in the Bay Area with a minor in Forestry. Damn sad. But I’m making up for lost time and trying to diversify my hiking repertoire.

Forget the accolades I’ve bestowed on previous hikes, this is one of the grand daddies. From San Francisco, it took us 25 minutes to drive, park, and get going on a trail. We saved time + gas = more money for chocolate. The terrain reminds me of Big Basin–expansive, varying elevation with some steep killer trails, and an abundance of redwoods. Different from Big Basin, Joaquin Miller has a sunny meadow, few trail signs, less people, less traffic, and more serenity. A warning that poison ivy is in full effect.

I forgot my camera so these are pictures from the Bay Area Hiker site.