Money Monday: Retirement Property for the Price of a Car

Did anyone see this article today in the NYTimes about retirement condos in Florida? The woman featured in the article recently purchased her 2-bedroom condo for $26,900. Are you kidding me?

Angel Valentin for The New York Times

Can we all make a pact to buy one of these units so we can all live together and grow old gracefully? We can swim, play shuffleboard, and nap in the sunshine!

It’ll be like living in the dorms or 90210 or Melrose Place. How fun! Who’s in? Get out your checkbooks.

San Francisco Home Tour

Here’s a glimpse at what’s on the market in SF. Yeah, it’s pretty insane what people pay to live in the city. I can only imagine what it would be like if we moved anywhere else in the U.S. with the exception of NYC. The conversation would go like this, “$350,000 for a house? Yeah, I can put 50% down.”


1015 Florida Street, $665,000

Can’t say I love the ‘hood, but price looks like a steal for a 2 bedroom with a little character. I’ve never been a fan of the newer buildings with a ton of units; kinda like living in a dorm. I like the older buildings. Price is right for this one.


3691 Market Street, $699,000

This one’s gorgeous if you don’t mind living in the hills near Twin Peaks.


109 1/2 Germania Street, $629,000

I love this one, but no parking. Too bad, so sad.


744 Moultrie Street, $649,000

I don’t know Bernal that well, but here’s a cute condo.


374 11th Street, $729,000

I am not a fan of lofts. Too much air, I guess. But this one’s a beauty! I really like how the bedrooms are compartmentalized too. I used to live on this block with an ex, in a loft, and hated it. Way too close to the club scene. But so pretty, right?