Fashion Friday: Business Casual

I am on a mission to replace my work wardrobe with dresses. Why? One, I just love dresses. Two, it doesn’t get any easier than pulling a dress over your head, adding a sweater or coat, then running out the door to catch a cable car. It takes less time to dress than it does to put on sweats and a tank top.

If someone gave me $1,000 to spend on work clothes, I’d go directly to Ann Taylor and buy everything in a size Petite 00. That’s another thing I love, once you find a size that fits, you’re good to go. No need to try things on if you like it. I feel I’m getting richer by the minute with all this time I’m saving! I’ve been surprisingly busy so time savings is critical.

Austin Awesomeness

While I don’t think Austin is weird, I do find it a wonderful town to vacation in. I already mentioned that the weather is perfect. Lots of outdoor areas to drink coffee and hang out during happy hour.

The city is undeniably friendly. When I checked out of the hotel, the room charges were done via an honor system. “Did you take anything out of the mini-bar that we should add to your bill?” Strangers are constantly striking up conversation. I can see why Austin is a good place for singles.

I witnessed someone walk out without paying her bill at a coffee shop. One of the attendants ran out to stop her. In response, she smiled, then continued to walk away. In any other big city, there would have been a lot of cursing involved, potentially a physical altercation, the po-po would be called in. Clearly they take things more lightly in Austin!

I like that Austin’s a hub of great music. Waiting in line for hot chocolate, I heard the baristas talking about new music they were listening to. We listened to amazing blues and jazz at the Continental Club for free. This woman Tameka Jones was so good, I made sure to tip her the amount she should have been asking for in the first place. Has anyone discovered this woman? Sign her to a recording label pronto!

I like that Austin is laid-back. Whereas in LA or other big cities, you feel obliged to dress up. In Austin, you can wake up, throw on a dress, and start your day. Dresses, I love that a lot of the women wear dresses!

I Love So Many Things

During the homily, the priest talked about some of the things my uncle loved. A few of the things caught me by surprise and it made me wonder if people know what I love.


Books and libraries, fiction

Looking at great art, going to museums

Getting mail—the good kind, not bills or credit card promotions

My mom’s cooking. She cooks with a lot of fresh vegetables. Her food is healthy and good for you. But I especially love her lumpia. It’s the BEST. During the holidays, I could eat one after another, with big scoops of my aunt’s spinach dip. Amazing!

Oysters, foie gras, french fries, ice-cream cake, milk chocolate

Travelling, exploring, hiking

The Bay Area, NYC, Burning Man, Palm Springs

When others do the cooking

Pink flowers of all kinds—roses, carnations, whatever

Restaurants, wine tasting, happy hour, brunch

Steam rooms


My amazing family and friends

What do you love? Do people know?