Cooking Failure

After eating out non-stop in NYC, I decided I wanted to really try to start cooking. I spent time holed up in Marc’s bathroom reading his Ina Garten cookbooks. He said she’s the best for beginners.

I ordered a bunch of standard cooking necessities from Safeway and had them delivered: flour, chicken stock, sugar, spices, garlic, onions. I scoured the web for simple, easy, basic recipes. The first thing I made was Scallops Provencal which turned out pretty good. I dusted the scallops with flour, salt, and pepper. Then I cooked the scallops and sauteed them in shallots, garlic, and parsley. Then topped that all off with fresh-squeezed lemon juice. I thought the scallops were perfect by their lonesome (especially since I try to stay away from carbs), but Dean said they needed rice or potatoes or something to go with them. Argh, I can’t do it all!

The second thing I tried making was meatloaf. I found a super easy 10-minute recipe that directs you to mix all the ingredients together, mold into a loaf, then bake. Simple enough, right? I checked after the 1 hour timeframe, but it didn’t look cooked at all. 90 minutes later, it still looked undone. 2 hours later and the bottom was completely burnt, but the inside of the meatloaf was still pink. So upsetting! I followed the directions exactly. It said to set the oven to 375 degrees which I did. No where did it say to do anything else which leads me to believe they skipped a step. Maybe I was supposed to increase the temperature at some point?

I hate cooking! What a waste of ingredients, money, and my time which is worth more than anything. Two hours of my life down the cooking drain.

I Love So Many Things

During the homily, the priest talked about some of the things my uncle loved. A few of the things caught me by surprise and it made me wonder if people know what I love.


Books and libraries, fiction

Looking at great art, going to museums

Getting mail—the good kind, not bills or credit card promotions

My mom’s cooking. She cooks with a lot of fresh vegetables. Her food is healthy and good for you. But I especially love her lumpia. It’s the BEST. During the holidays, I could eat one after another, with big scoops of my aunt’s spinach dip. Amazing!

Oysters, foie gras, french fries, ice-cream cake, milk chocolate

Travelling, exploring, hiking

The Bay Area, NYC, Burning Man, Palm Springs

When others do the cooking

Pink flowers of all kinds—roses, carnations, whatever

Restaurants, wine tasting, happy hour, brunch

Steam rooms


My amazing family and friends

What do you love? Do people know?