Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon

I was listening to an interview of Jeff Bezos, the founder of, who I consider not only smart, but creative and forward-thinking. You know how there are really smart people who are leaders, but can’t seem to see beyond the present day. Those leaders will languish, while the creative ones will really contribute to our future.

The whole interview was a smorgasbord of insight. Check it out here.

The snippet I really appreciated was about how he spent his summers with his grandfather. At the local library, someone had donated a collection of science fiction books and over the course of several years, he read all the books. Anyhow, these futuristic books really opened his mind up to possibilities the average person doesn’t even think about. Love that because I truly believe you have to read a lot to move ahead in life. Not surf the web or read blogs, but read books.

Also, meetings at Amazon start with all the participants reading several pages of a memo. Actual paragraphs and sentences to form a cohesive point. Not bullet points on a PowerPoint presentation. He feels that creating a story and narrative forces the person leading the meeting to fully flesh out the idea. And the meetings all begin with everyone sitting there and reading quietly.

Pretty fascinating stuff. Wish I could afford the stock!

I Love So Many Things

During the homily, the priest talked about some of the things my uncle loved. A few of the things caught me by surprise and it made me wonder if people know what I love.


Books and libraries, fiction

Looking at great art, going to museums

Getting mail—the good kind, not bills or credit card promotions

My mom’s cooking. She cooks with a lot of fresh vegetables. Her food is healthy and good for you. But I especially love her lumpia. It’s the BEST. During the holidays, I could eat one after another, with big scoops of my aunt’s spinach dip. Amazing!

Oysters, foie gras, french fries, ice-cream cake, milk chocolate

Travelling, exploring, hiking

The Bay Area, NYC, Burning Man, Palm Springs

When others do the cooking

Pink flowers of all kinds—roses, carnations, whatever

Restaurants, wine tasting, happy hour, brunch

Steam rooms


My amazing family and friends

What do you love? Do people know?

Fashion Friday: Presents for Me

rabbit fur ear muffs on Etsy

Who really gets presents anymore?

People really don’t know what other people want. How often do you freak out, “What am I going to get my wife for her birthday?” “I have no idea what to get an 8-year-old kid for Christmas.”

Today, when we are all so technologically-advanced, I am surprised there isn’t a well-known way for others to ascertain what you want. Besides having a wedding or baby registry, there really isn’t a great way.

I love handkerchiefs so my friend TB was such a sweetheart and brought me a stack of them when she visited from London. I know Conrado is really into photography so I got him a gift certificate to a camera supply site.

Since my birthday is coming up in eight days, I figured I’d enlighten all of you who I have inspired with my blogging! I’m going to put out into the universe some of the things I like. I actually think I’m easy to shop for.

I like fur. I’d sure like a fur coat, but I also like fur stoles, pens with fluffy fur on the ends, purses with fur.

I like fiction books. The ones that say New York Times Bestseller or Pulitzer Prize Nominee.

I love cute journals, notebooks, calendars, stationery, note cards.

I like chocolate–must be milk chocolate.

I like scarves and handkerchiefs.

I like all kinds of gloves.

How cute are the $23 rabbit fur ear muffs I posted here. Click on the picture for the Etsy shop.

Money Monday: Amazon vs the Public Library

I don’t take advantage of the San Francisco public libraries even though we don’t live too far from the Main library across from City Hall and the Chinatown branch. In fact, I’m a member of the private Mechanics’ Institute in the Financial District. It costs $95 a year. And I still don’t utilize it as much as I should.

Why? Because of It is just so easy and satisfying to make a few mouse clicks, then having your book delivered directly to your lap two days later at work.

In the past six months, I’ve spent $656.27 at Amazon. That amount  includes a Scrabble deluxe edition, household items like an iron and vacuum, toiletries like contact solution, baby shower gifts, and tile for the kitchen. But $231.99 of that amount is books. Granted several of those books were gifts. I like to give books to kids versus toys. But all of those books I was reading I could have found at the library. All of them! For a savings of $139.62.

Also, every magazine you can imagine is at the library. Shit, I need to cancel my subscriptions after they expire.

Get thee to a library. Or better yet, order your book online and make sure it’s waiting for you when you arrive at the library.

Fashion Friday: Danielle Steel

Anyone who’s written close to 100 best-selling books and continues to work despite the success has major respect from me.

So I thought you’d get a kick out of what Danielle Steel said in an interview about fashion-less San Francisco.

“San Francisco is a great city to raise children, but I was very happy to leave it. There’s no style, nobody dresses up–you can’t be chic there. It’s all shorts and hiking books and Tevas–it’s as if everyone is dressed to go on a camping trip. I don’t think people really care how they look there; and I look like a mess when I’m there, too.”