Coastal Geta-wrong Part III

Final post on our trip to Mendocino. We went whale watching off the coast of Fort Bragg. Worst 2 hours of my life. I should have gotten off the boat as soon as the assistant offhandedly said that if anyone happened to get sick, to please not do it on board, but projectile that stomach-y goodness outward.

I was fine for the first hour, but turned green just as we started seeing a bunch of whales. Dean hadn’t even noticed I’d left him at the front of the boat. He was having too much fun fraternizing with Moby Dick! The only highlight of the trip was when a whale came up and rode alongside where there were 4 of us hurled over the railing, retching into the ocean. It was an incredible, close-up view of a whale!

See that smile on my face? I didn’t want to take the picture, but Dean said there wouldn’t be any evidence of our whale watching trip otherwise. It was so rocky people could barely snap crisp shots. While I was thrilled the boat ride had concluded, I only managed to smirk.

Point Reyes National Seashore

Greetings from Point Reyes!

We decided to get out of town for just one night, and headed north to the expansive Point Reyes National Seashore which is a massive preserve geologically separated from it’s neighboring Marin County (source Wikipedia, including photo source).


We walked around Limantour Beach, then briskly hiked the Pacific Coast trail. The Bear Valley Visitor Center indicated that they’d counted 27 whale sightings yesterday and 2 today. Hopefully we’ll get to see whales and elk tomorrow. The only big wildlife we saw today were quail.

We had a nice dinner at a new restaurant called the Saltwater Oyster Depot, played Scrabble, and now we’re reading before bedtime at a B&B all in the cute town of Inverness.