San Francisco Home Tour

Here’s a glimpse at what’s on the market in SF. Yeah, it’s pretty insane what people pay to live in the city. I can only imagine what it would be like if we moved anywhere else in the U.S. with the exception of NYC. The conversation would go like this, “$350,000 for a house? Yeah, I can put 50% down.”


1015 Florida Street, $665,000

Can’t say I love the ‘hood, but price looks like a steal for a 2 bedroom with a little character. I’ve never been a fan of the newer buildings with a ton of units; kinda like living in a dorm. I like the older buildings. Price is right for this one.


3691 Market Street, $699,000

This one’s gorgeous if you don’t mind living in the hills near Twin Peaks.


109 1/2 Germania Street, $629,000

I love this one, but no parking. Too bad, so sad.


744 Moultrie Street, $649,000

I don’t know Bernal that well, but here’s a cute condo.


374 11th Street, $729,000

I am not a fan of lofts. Too much air, I guess. But this one’s a beauty! I really like how the bedrooms are compartmentalized too. I used to live on this block with an ex, in a loft, and hated it. Way too close to the club scene. But so pretty, right?