Home: This Was The One

I wanted this home in Bernal Heights. Open house was on a Tuesday in the afternoon. I asked if I could see it over the weekend; the agent said offers were due the next day and the owner would most likely take one of them. She was right because a sale is now pending.

A home in San Francisco with no HOA fees plus a $1,000 studio below the home to offset your mortgage. Are you kidding me?  I would have overbid the $700k asking price by $50k. If you put 20% down on $750,000 subtract the rental income of $1,000, your mortgage would be $1700!!!

This was THE property of properties to buy in the city.

Here’s the studio.

Dolores Park Studio for $3,900

Marky’s been in town and we’ve been out every night. I am so looking forward to being at home and watching the debate tonight. Here is an interesting NYTimes retrospective on the presidential debates ow.ly/e8drF.

We’ve dined at Wayfare Tavern, Bar Agricole to celebrate his birthday, then Pauline’s Pizza last night. Besides gorging like pigs and drinking like fish, another thing I like about Marc is he has really good friends who are all super fun, smart, catty, and loyal.

Last night was a perfect summer night with his friends hosting dinner and drinks on their Dolores Terrace rooftop. Their quiet side-street which is half a block in length dead ends, meaning there is zero traffic. Given its ideal location, the owners mentioned that a studio apartment on their street had recently been rented for $3900 with a long line of prospective tenants outside the door. No parking and below ground studio apartment for almost $4k. Hello rental bubble?! We left around midnight, strangely that was on the early side given the dozen people still hanging out when we took off.

Picture of Marc and Tony, celebrating back-to-back birthdays, at Bar Agricole.