Who Cooks It Better? UK vs USA

You know that segment in trashy celebrity magazines called Who Wore It Better? There are side-by-side pictures of two different celebrities wearing the same outfit with a percentage of votes preferring one over another.

There should be something similar called Who Cooked It Better, although there wouldn’t be anything interesting to report since America would win 100% of the time.

Here’s one reason I couldn’t move to London: I wasn’t impressed by any of the meals I ate. I wish I could say differently, but truthfully, the food wasn’t phenomenal and for the price, it lacked value. Alas, I am a very very spoiled California gal.

Check out some of the London lowlights with my alternative for a better meal in San Francisco.

Tea at Bea’s of Bloomsbury at St. Paul’s. Better bet: Dartealing in SF with cucumber sandwiches that are light, yet scrumptious. Very disappointed with the rock-hard sandwiches seen below at Bea’s.


Polpo in Soho. While this was one of the better meals we ate, I still prefer A16 in SF which is similar, but way better.


Racine in Knightsbridge. They get one star for having foie gras on the menu. But look at this horrible presentation! They also scowled when Dean asked for crostinis. Hmmm, I don’t know any restaurant that serves foie gras completely on its own. So many French places to choose from in SF, but I’ll go with Fringale in SOMA.


We ate at the much-heralded Pizza East in Shoreditch on our last night. I’d lost my appetite with my sickness so didn’t have any pizza, but the meatballs were divine. Nevertheless, Zero Zero in SF is still the best.