Good Friday

My previous post ended on a whimper, and I don’t ever want to be viewed as someone who isn’t tremendously grateful for everything in her life, so let’s start today–Good Friday–off with a bang.

First, I want to thank all of you for supporting me. I am so grateful for every comment and email. Thank you, thank you!

All these years of hard work moonlighting as a blogger are starting to pay off. I signed with the Clever Girls ad network which opens my blog up to brand name sponsors and is a major milestone in blogging. I freaked out when I read their email.

I’ll soon be a featured blogger on the SITS Girls website, which is a phenomenal community of bloggers. SITS is simply amazing. I love, love, love the community I’ve become a part of through SITS. I’ve been patiently waiting since November and I’ll get my turn in April or May. Stay tuned on that.

Our world is full of beautiful people, from my husband who cooks me a gourmet dinner every night (yes every night!), to this lovely couple who has entrusted their home and animals to us for the past 10 days, to the coworker who brought in bagels for the whole floor today because it’s her 1-year anniversary.

Lastly, I need to comment on my environment because I am a San Francisco-based blogger, and this is one of the facets that makes my blog unique. After I lived in Chicago for two years, I returned home, thinking that SF wasn’t as illustrious as I had previously thought. I felt I had grown up in a bubble with every Bay Area person believing that we lived in a coastal paradise, not realizing there was another world of beauty outside of the sunny state of California. In cocktail conversations, everyone seems to be surprised that I’m native. They say that most of the people living around here are transplants. I think that’s so wrong because 98% of the people I grew up with still live in the Bay Area. They never left!

But particularly now, having experienced a multitude of locales, I can objectively say that San Francisco is one of the best places to live in the world. Yes, it’s expensive. Yes, it’s often bone chilling cold. But where else in the world can you travel easily to enjoy wine country, snow, and Burning Man! The food, arts & innovation, the funding & intellectual capital. It’s here. It’s all here!

Swan Oyster Depot

Well here’s for conquering one of the things on my bucket list: eating at the uber famous Swan Oyster Depot, the restaurant that both Anthony Bourdain and Gabrielle Hamilton (author of bestseller ‘Blood, Bones & Butter’) always go to whenever they’re in San Francisco.

Swan Oyster Depot serves fresh seafood daily except for Sunday, starting at 10:30am. We made the mistake of showing up at exactly 10:30am and paid the severe price of waiting 90 minutes for counter-only seating at this world famous dining institution. I am probably the most impatient person in the world and would never have suffered through the wait if it weren’t for several of our friends joining us in line and keeping the conversation flowing.

Food is fresh off the boat, damn good. Sitting inside is like stepping back in time. They’re totally old school and will ring your bill up on a janky cash register that dings every time you push a button. My little tush could barely fit on the stool so not sure how Dean and our friends managed to get by. We started out with mixed oysters. Then I ordered the combination salad—crab, shrimp, and prawns on a bed of lettuce–which was oh so yummy. The guys ordered cracked crab.

Glad I got to experience that. From now on, take out!

Shen Wei Dance Arts at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

shen wei dance arts from the website

We saw the Shen Wei Dance company perform at the YBCA last night. Shen Wei is an award-winning, cutting-edge artist most known for being the lead choreographer of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

I thought the event was less about dance and more about performance art, even though the performers are ‘dancing’ the whole time. The dancers are on a grid of 6′ x 6′ squares, with each dancer beginning and ending the 40 minute performance on their own individual square. Over the course of the performance, some get together and dance as couples, others move toward the outer squares and dance within glass cases or climb building blocks. The audience gets to interact by walking ┬áin-between and around the squares, which is why it’s a unique experience for everyone who attends. There’s music, light, video, and paint involved. It was very intriguing.

The show only plays through Sunday. Don’t miss it.

Full Moon in San Francisco

During the last full moon, Dean and I trekked up and down Nob Hill chasing the moon. That’s me–the Eskimo in sweats and sneakers–with Dean at Huntington Park across from Grace Cathedral. The Man in the Moon was hiding from us amongst all the high rises. Could barely get in any good pictures.

But then the next morning while I walked to the bus, what a sight to behold. The moon, the moon!

Money Monday: Finding a Business Partner

Let’s make a deal! Anyone interested in becoming my business partner?

The more we rent places out and experience first-hand how owners bring in a a steady high rental income, the more I’m convinced that this is the path to early retirement. We are currently renting a super cute flat in Potrero Hill with an adorable sunny garden that makes me sing. The owners live above the flat and I’m pretty sure that this rental more than covers their mortgage.

I am now dead-set on finding the ultimate property with an in-law or separate unit to cash in on the rental income. There are always multi-unit properties available for sale. Here’s my question. How do you find investors who are interested in collaborating with you?

Please comment below for all to see.