Instacart Startup: Nice Comeback

There was a technical glitch with this post, so I am reposting.

Two days ago, I posted about Instacart, a new service that does your grocery shopping (at Trader Joe’s and Safeway) for you. The service is available in SF, Palo Alto, and Mountain View, and charges a surprisingly low flat fee of $3.99 if you schedule your delivery anytime 3 hours later or $9.99 if you want your groceries within the hour.

A byproduct of the startup incubator Y Combinator, Instacart, Inc., last year raised seed funding of $2.3 million from Canaan Partners and Khosla Ventures.

I had read the San Francisco Daily Candy email for Friday January 11th which featured Instacart and I decided to give it a try this past weekend. I had a bad experience which I summarized in a post that has now been retracted.

The following day, the CEO personally emailed me which I sincerely appreciated as it showed that he’s accountable, receptive to feedback, and eager to regain my trust. That evening after work, Instacart seamlessly delivered 3 bags of Trader Joe’s groceries and followed up with several emails from the team to make sure I was taken care of.

Gotta love that. Thanks Instacart. You can count on my business going forward.

Slow Pace for the Giants Race

I ran the Giants race last week which made me realize an important thing—I am getting old. This is why women aren’t supposed to have children in their late thirties or forties; our bodies can’t handle it. I’m sure there are women out there who poop out their baby like no problem, but all I gotta say is I tried running a 5k and the following morning, I felt like I’d run a marathon instead of a piddly little race—like the shortest race you can possibly run to even be considered a race. Shit I was in pain. Sure I didn’t train and I ran a 9.31 minute/mile clip, but I used to not train and run far longer (i.e., half and full marathons) and much faster. I am a total loser. My only consolation is that I was in the top 10% of my class Females 35-39. Look, Ma, it’s like getting an A-.

I’d never run the Giants race before. We’ve done some fantastic, beautiful courses, but this one’s unique and pretty bad ass because you finish at the ballpark on the field, waving to a bunch of empty seats. Still nice, though, especially if you run the half marathon and all your friends and family can hang out in the stands and cheer as you cross the finish line.

Safeway was one of the lead sponsors so after you finished, you got a tote and you could pick from all this stuff they had laid out on the tables (bagels, bananas, apples, yogurt, water). I felt like I was shopping.

It’s a great race that we all gotta run next year, ok? I need others to agonize with me. Trying to dispel the fact that I am middle-aged, I’ve been scoping out other races, but can’t find any I want to do. There’s the Bridge-to-Bridge which I’ve always enjoyed, but it’s a different route this year because of all the construction on Doyle drive which means the course’ll suck. Give me a shout if you see any good fun runs. My goal is to break 9 minutes.

Money Monday: Discounted Wine

Most people know about K&L wine. If you don’t, you’re missing out. If you do, consider this a reminder.

K&L is a California wine merchant that carries superb wines at a discount. You knew that already? Well I went and did all the comparison shopping, and K&L beats them all—BevMo, Safeway. No one’s going to beat 2 Buck Chuck, but that ain’t fine wine. Wine club member at Cakebread, Rosenblum, Caymus? Doesn’t matter, K&L still beats the wine club discount.

I had this splendiferous wine in NYC–a T-Vine Grenache–that’s going for $21 a bottle at K&L. That same bottle is $42 on the T-Vine Cellars site.

Check out your closest K&L: SF, Redwood City, and Hollywood.