Food Review: Mr. Pollo

I hate soup! Argh.

Mr. Pollo is a 10-seat, no reservation, cash-only restaurant in the Mission that has been getting a bit of press lately. They base the menu on ingredients found at one of the local farmers markets that day. They do a $20 fixed price, 4 course meal. You can add on arepas and dessert. Arepas are like quesadillas but with more substantive ingredients so it’s kinda like a sandwich. You can also buy beer or pay the corkage fee if you bring wine.

Course #1 was a fresh arugula salad with tomatoes, nuts, and fruit, lightly seasoned, letting the freshness speak for itself.

Course #2 was a green soup. Ick.

Then we had the arepa which was good.

Course #3 was a prawn with potatoes.

Course #4 was a hearty soup. Ick.

The dessert was a caramelized pear. Hated it.

The menu changes daily.  I could see myself going back, but was not happy with 2 courses of soup.