Airbnb Awesomeness

I got our tax statement from Airbnb. We earned approximately $4,000 for 2012. That’s practically 20% of our total 2012 rental cost. How F*ing crazy is that?

The hosts we are staying with in the Mission are seriously the nicest people in the world. They invited us over after work tonight to have drinks in their home. Their high school teenager was just as cool; he chatted with us about how he prefers the guitar over the drums.

Anywho, the woman said we seemed totally responsible and asked us if we’d be interested in staying in their home (their actual home, not their rental units) while they are on vacation – for free!

Hello, how cool is that?!

I am loving Airbnb. How can I invest?

Money Monday: Airbnb Beginner’s Luck

Our Airbnb transaction went without a hitch this past weekend. So smooth. The renter was completely engaged with emails, text messages. He let me know when he was 30 minutes away from arriving. I love that—responsive, responsible, low risk.

I came home for a leisurely lunch on Friday, read some reports, and waited for his arrival. I did a walk-through, pointed out the brand new linens we had purchased for his stay, showed him the fresh towels and new toiletries, handed him a set of keys, told him where to leave them, and off I went to enjoy the rest of my Friday and weekend.

When we returned on Sunday, the only indication someone had stayed was the tussled bed. He must have brought his own towel because he returned our clean ones to the closet. The place was exactly as we’d left it.

We both left positive recommendations.

Me as the host: Planning and logistics went smoothly. Very easy to communicate with him. Perfect experience for us as a first-time host.

The renter: Lovely home, gracious hosts, and an impeccable location made my stay one of the best SF experiences to date.