Money Monday: Mortgage Shopping

For reasons I won’t disclose here, my most recent refi was denied. You can ask me offline for the details, but I made a stupid mistake which caused the reviewer to question my residency.

Back to the drawing board. I read in the news clips that Costco is now offering mortgages through a handful of stringently-screened brokers. OK, if you haven’t refi’d yet. This is it. This is the of low interest rates. Go to, then search for mortgage. It’ll step you through a questionnaire, then spit out rates offered by their vendors. I am eyeing the 3% 15-year or the 3.625% 20-year offered through CapWest Mortgage. But if these vendors are backed by the Costco name, I’m sure they’re all fine. Those rates are for a condo with zero points. And the fees are around $1k. Hot damn.


Here’s a blurry pic of me and my glasses from Costco. The brand is Modo from Japan and they were a little over $70 included my prescription lenses and tax. They sit much lower on my nose than I would like, but doesn’t impair my vision even though it looks like the top of the frames are at eye level. Oh well, I like them for now.

I’m wearing this strange Mood Matcher lipstick that’s green, but looks different on everyone who wears it. I get a deep watermelon color.

Money Monday: Glasses

My blogging schedule including Money Mondays and Fashion Fridays has been rather undisciplined because…I was taking a mental vacation! Gimme a break.

Anyhow I’m back on track.

Sidenote: I’m watching the results from the Iowa Caucuses come in and I gotta say, I’m liking Ron Paul. Aside from his pro-life stance which I am adamantly against, I think he’s got a good plan laid out. I read a tweet about how Democrats need to stick together and unite to beat the Republicans. That’s exactly the type of brainwashed thinking I can’t stand. Voting Democrat just because you’re Democrat. Hello? Care to read what the candidates have to say about the issues? It’s the blind leading the blind mentality and say, voting for Obama simply because you’re a registered Democrat. I’ll vote for Obama if I think he’s the strongest candidate. If he’s not, I won’t! Use your brains, people!

I wear glasses and I’ve had my heart set on these Tom Ford designer ones for a whopping $350 online. I tried them on at an optometrist office and there, they were retailing for $425! I set aside extra flex spend money to buy these, but then I went to Costco and I swear I found a pair that looks even better for $49.99. With my prescription lenses in, the total bill came to $82. So that’s my tip for today. Costco. Always buy Costco. They didn’t have just Kirkland brand, but tons of designer brands as well.

Money Monday: Personal Assistant

I know this sounds frivolous during a recession (yes I believe we’re still in a recession), but I hired a personal assistant. I have been talking non-committedly about this concept for years. Wouldn’t it be great to have a personal assistant? What a waste of money. That stuff I can do on my own, I’m just lazy. That is all true. I am lazy. I would rather spend time with my husband or friends on weekends than run to Home Depot or Costco.

I realized recently that all these errands have been seriously clouding my existence. I look at my never-ending To Do list and start having a mini meltdown. So I told myself to do some research. Research in the Bay Area = Craigslist. I scoured the ads, emailed a few people, and got responses that were completely out of my price range. $50/hour?! I can do it myself for $50/hour. Ridiculoso.

Well, God looked down on me and sent me someone who is so reasonably-priced and Fabuloso. This is the karma I’ve been talking about. I deserve this luxury.

You know all those errands that you just never get done because they’re not that important? My assistant is finally doing all that stuff. I own a painting that has been in a gallery for three years. I never picked it up because I’m stinking lazy. Now I can finally have it in my possession.

Look way down at the bottom of your To Do list and think how happy you’d be if those tasks finally got completed. I have two cocktail rings that have never been resized because the jeweler I go to is only open during work hours. Who has free time during work hours? I can finally wear those rings once my assistant gets them resized during his time. Which frees up my life to drink with friends, make travel plans, all the good stuff.

So because I am the coolest blogger in the city of San Francisco, I saved you time and money and found you a personal assistant who can do for you what he does for me. Let me know. He rocks!