Money Monday: Credit Card Points

I have a multitude of credit cards because of the various points offered.

3 points / $1 spent on

1.5 points / $1 spent on Capital One

I also have Chase and Bank of America credit cards that have special point systems for a duration of time. As a result, I put a sticker on each of my cards that indicates what the point system is.

Chase: 3% on flights, hotels, and rental cars through 5/31/12.

Bank of America card: 5% on gas, groceries, drug stores, and restaurants through 6/30/12.

Every person who collects my card takes a double-look, then gives a quizzical “wuh?” face.

Haha! Yeah, I’m a point freak.

Money Monday:

How many of you are users? It was one of those websites I signed up for early on, then forgot about. A friend of mine mentioned it recently which propelled me to give it another try.

Hands down, Mint is the best financial website out there. Gone are the days of tracking debits and credits in an Excel file. Mint aggregates all my balances in one place (my mortgage at Wells Fargo, my brokerage account at Schwab, my Chase credit card, my savings account at Navy Federal, my property value via Zillow). I can track all my transactions, figure out a budget, and see my net worth.

It’s pretty awesome. Check it out.