Status Update: How Many Hours Until Happy Hour

Life’s been unbelievably crazy, as always. I’ve been going to sleep late and waking up early, I’ve got so much to do. This is my busiest time at work. Even though tomorrow is a holiday, I’ll be back in on Friday and working all weekend. When I say ‘all weekend,’ I mean all weekend. Full days Saturday and Sunday. Yippee!

Outside of work, I’ve mainly been focused on my blog which is going through another redesign. I wasn’t completely happy with the last one so it’s changing. It’ll be much cleaner, crisper, sleeker. And I’m finally making money through ad revenue and sponsorships. Dean and I have a new bet going: for every deal he closes (He works in sales.), I have to get 3 new sponsors for my blog. One new sponsor contacted me out of the blue yesterday. That counts, right?! No because this is all about developing my salesmanship (I have none), pounding the pavement, and generating revenue. It’s been busy for my bloggy.

I stayed up until 1am on Monday finishing our book club book The Dog Stars by Peter Heller. It was different and interesting. Had a good time with the crew last night discussing the book and dishing on celebrities while drinking wine and eating french fries at Nopa. Next up is my pick: Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg. I have been dying to read it. Honestly, in-between all that I do, I don’t read much anymore. Very sad. Thank God for book club.


As background for those of you who are recent readers of my blog, I’m the volunteer coordinator for the ARTery at Burning Man and I’m currently spending way too much time working on the schedule for the event and responding to a ton of emails. In fact, I resigned my position recently, but have stayed on in a consultative role. It is causing me way too much stress.

Further, we’re at work trying to plan our 20 year high school reunion. For all you St. Joseph Notre Dame Pilots who graduated in 1993 who want to help out, let me know. We have a Facebook page here.

Love Guaranteed: Dating Advice

Dean and I met online and are obviously big proponents of online dating. But just because we’re a success story shouldn’t justify us telling all our single friends to hit the interweb. Us getting together could have very well been luck or a random spark or a freak accident. But what is solid justification is the fact that so many of our friends meet their significant others the same way we did. I’d say less than half of our friends have found their partners online. A friend of mine who met her boyfriend on is just recently engaged. Can I get a Woot-Woot!

So for all the people out there who refuse to get online or think that it’s weird, well, let’s just say you deserve to be single and alone. The site doesn’t matter: eHarmony, Match, JDate, OkCupid, Craigslist, Grindr. Get on one or two. Like anything else in life, finding your soul mate is hard work. Don’t be jaded by people who easily find partners or who wax on about how it was ‘love at first sight.’ Those people will be divorced in 7 years. Relationships are hard work. Dating is hard work. Short cuts are a sign that the worst is yet to come.

Now about the process. If you are spending all your time thinking about this one date or this one person, you are failing. Dating is synonymous with interviewing. If you focus all your energy on one company and this one very important interview, well, welcome to the world of unemployment checks. What’s the sales mantra? ABC, Always Be Closing. I’m not in sales, so I’m not sure if that’s correct, but you get my gist. ABD, Always Be Dating. Until a guy brings you home to meet his mama, ABD! Until she says, “I’m totally into you and I’m wondering if we can be exclusive,” ABD! You cannot date enough. Fill your calendar with brunch dates, coffee dates, happy hour dates, movie dates.

Why is this important? Because when a date goes poorly, you won’t give a flying F. You’ve got another date tomorrow! Their loss, you’re moving on.

I’m not saying it’s not hard. Yes, you will feel rejected. Yes, you will feel bad. But the more you date, the more you recognize what you’re really looking for in a partner. Even the bad dates teach you something. When I was dating and whenever I had a miserable time, all I kept thinking about was how I couldn’t wait to go home and blog about it! Damn, wait ’til my readers hear about this.

A friend from business school was unbelievably dismissive when it came to rejection. He simply didn’t let it bother him. Couldn’t score a phone number? No big deal, onto the next girl! I was really amazed by his attitude. He’s, in fact, a very successful entrepreneur. Go figure!

Lastly, if all else fails when it comes to online dating, go to Burning Man. This is the 100% money back guaranteed part. People are incredibly open and warm at Burning Man. It’s utopia. Every year that I went to Burning Man when I was single, I always met someone who I went on to date for several months back here in the Bay Area. Granted, while there are a lot of local people who go to the Burn, people come from all over the world. The Canadians don’t have a problem meeting other Canadians. The Irish don’t have a problem meeting other Irish. I mean, take your geographical pick. They are at the event.

You know who else is at the event? Google co-founder and CEO Larry Page who recently extolled the culture of the Burning Man event. Can I get another Woot-Woot?

Good Friday

My previous post ended on a whimper, and I don’t ever want to be viewed as someone who isn’t tremendously grateful for everything in her life, so let’s start today–Good Friday–off with a bang.

First, I want to thank all of you for supporting me. I am so grateful for every comment and email. Thank you, thank you!

All these years of hard work moonlighting as a blogger are starting to pay off. I signed with the Clever Girls ad network which opens my blog up to brand name sponsors and is a major milestone in blogging. I freaked out when I read their email.

I’ll soon be a featured blogger on the SITS Girls website, which is a phenomenal community of bloggers. SITS is simply amazing. I love, love, love the community I’ve become a part of through SITS. I’ve been patiently waiting since November and I’ll get my turn in April or May. Stay tuned on that.

Our world is full of beautiful people, from my husband who cooks me a gourmet dinner every night (yes every night!), to this lovely couple who has entrusted their home and animals to us for the past 10 days, to the coworker who brought in bagels for the whole floor today because it’s her 1-year anniversary.

Lastly, I need to comment on my environment because I am a San Francisco-based blogger, and this is one of the facets that makes my blog unique. After I lived in Chicago for two years, I returned home, thinking that SF wasn’t as illustrious as I had previously thought. I felt I had grown up in a bubble with every Bay Area person believing that we lived in a coastal paradise, not realizing there was another world of beauty outside of the sunny state of California. In cocktail conversations, everyone seems to be surprised that I’m native. They say that most of the people living around here are transplants. I think that’s so wrong because 98% of the people I grew up with still live in the Bay Area. They never left!

But particularly now, having experienced a multitude of locales, I can objectively say that San Francisco is one of the best places to live in the world. Yes, it’s expensive. Yes, it’s often bone chilling cold. But where else in the world can you travel easily to enjoy wine country, snow, and Burning Man! The food, arts & innovation, the funding & intellectual capital. It’s here. It’s all here!

Move Over Golden Gate, It’s the Bay Bridge’s Time

When the lights go (up) in the city

And the sun shines on the bay

Do I want to be there-ere-ere

In my city

Oh, oh, woh, woah

The Bay Lights launches next week Tuesday March 5th on the Bay Bridge. Cmon people, this is more exciting than the World Series or the Superbowl. This is fine art in our very own backyard for the whole world to see. This is huge. This is major. This is epic!

I can’t resist adding that the artist is a long-time Burner (Burning Man attendee) who founded Disorient camp.

Below are key tidbits I pulled from the Bay Lights site, their news release, and their fact sheet.

THE BAY LIGHTS is an iconic public art installation created by internationally renowned artist Leo Villareal, with over 25,000 white energy-efficient LEDs on the Bay Bridge West Span. This ever-changing, dazzling light sculpture will be 1.8 miles wide and 500 feet high – a monumental tour de force eight times the scale of the Eiffel Tower’s 100th Anniversary lighting. It will impact an audience of over 50 million people in the Bay Area alone, with billions more seeing THE BAY LIGHTS in media and online over two years, starting with a Grand Lighting Ceremony on March 5, 2013.

THE BAY LIGHTS is a site specific installation. The artist will use patterns of weather, the water and the traffic of cars, ships and wildlife as inspiration for creating his software algorithms. The patterns will never repeat.

THE BAY LIGHTS will be seen by over 50 million people in the Bay Area with billions of media impressions globally. It will also infuse significant resources into the region creating jobs and contributing to local businesses. An independent economic impact assessment conservatively estimates $97 million will be added to the local economy as a result of this project.

THE BAY LIGHTS will put the Bay Area in the global spotlight for two years, starting with a momentous Grand Lighting Ceremony on March 5, 2013, a year that also features the America’s Cup, the Port of San Francisco’s 150th Anniversary, the opening of the new Exploratorium at Pier 15 and, within days of the America’s Cup’s finale, the opening celebrations for California’s largest civic works project – the Bay Bridge East Span.

The LEDs are high efficiency and the power used will be offset by solar credits for the least environmental impact. Only $11,000 per year is allocated to energy cost.

Blunder Woman!

Many moons ago, on the Burning Man playa, a friend of mine came into camp and gave me a Wonder Woman doll that he found laying in the dust. Whenever I look at the doll, I feel inspired. I think, “Yeah, I can do it. I’m just like Wonder Woman!”

Well those days are long gone because I can’t do it all anymore. I’ve spent my whole life giving, contributing, and leading, and it’s finally time to say NO!

Clearly this is all my fault because too many times in the past, I’ve said yes. But this is a new era and I’ve decided that 2013 is going to be the year of ME.

ME, ME, ME, ME! That’s right, just me!

I’ve got a house to sell.

I’ve got a ghost baby to conceive.

I’ve got a blog that is finally (after years of hard work) gaining significant momentum.

That means no more time for alumni councils or alumni functions.

Sorry, but I’m sure others can step in to help with our 20-year high school reunion. Why don’t we just pick a night and have drinks at the Forbidden Island in Alameda? Zero stress, zero planning.

I’ve got to curtail my time commitment to Burning Man. That may be the death of me, dealing with new volunteers and responding to questions about shifts and the schedule and tickets. Yikes!

I’m also big on group events. More bang for your buck, if you ask me. But what drives me batty are the people who can’t do the group lunch or the happy hour, and next think you know I’ve got emails asking for a 1×1 dinner or brunch. At least until my home is sold, I cannot deal with the 1x1s. I’ve got a handful of things scheduled over the next two weeks, but that’s it.

I’m on lock-down until my house is sold and the cash is in my hand.