Guest Post: Enrich Your Life, Make a Contribution

Hi, Affinity here!  Vixen and I are both Burners and I think I can speak for her as well as myself to say that Burning Man and its culture and ethos have enriched our lives.  In order to give back each of us are active volunteers.

Currently I am volunteering for Burners Without Borders and what I am asking is that if you also have found Burning Man to have enriched your life, or you would like to enrich another person’s life, that you consider helping Burners Without Borders in its partnership with Haiti’s Jakmel Ekspresyon Art Center, a unique community arts center for an important segment of Haiti’s artistic community. As the people of Haiti recover and rebuild from the 2010 earthquake, this center for creativity and self-expression is a vital part of its future. With the support of the Burning Man community, we can make a real and lasting difference in transforming this paradigm. This screen printing project will be the first of its kind in Haiti. BWB will send ten artists to Jacmel to teach skills in design, screen printing and professional development. There are currently no screen printing services available in Jacmel to create post-cards and t-shirts for the tourism industry or for the various international organizations who work there. This project is sure to be a success and we need your participation to make it happen. Please help Burners Without Borders and Jakmel Ekspresyon launch a new arts/artists-in-residence program that will benefit the local economy for the long term! Please spread the word.

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Fashion Friday: Art Special

Artist Peter Gronquist

Pretend this post came out on Friday for Fashion Friday even though I’m writing about our Saturday. I know, I’m completely off on my dates.

There were so many spectacular events this weekend, including the Maker Faire. I have always wanted to check that out; I know a lot of Burners go and showcase their inventions. But alas, I opted to attend two of three big art fairs happening in the city all this weekend. I guess I care more about art than science!

We started the day at the SF Fine Art Fair at Fort Mason. More than 70 contemporary galleries exhibited with most of the art ranging in price from $1,000-$20,000. I had my eye on several pieces and made sure to get business cards to track these galleries. I was really into these paintings of guns used in famous movies, particularly one with a bright pink background. I have to have it! Here are some pics from the SF Fine Art Fair.

We ended the day at artMKT, an inaugural art show at the Concourse Exhibition Center with a mix of contemporary and historical work from several famous artists. The work that I fell in love with were actual guns where the artist had removed all of the firing parts, plated the gun in gold, and reupholstered a part of it with a fashion designer label like Gucci. I really want to buy one, but Dean insists it’s way too expensive. Boo. It’s the very first picture on this blog post.

Here are pics from artMKT.