2011 Burning Man Holiday Party

Burning Man had a kick-ass holiday party at an historical mansion, the William Westerfield House, on Alamo Square this year. Gorgeous, fun, crazy, free-flowing booze, gift exchange… Not sure how that party can be topped. We didn’t even realize until several days later that there was a band playing in the basement! Bummed to miss that, but so many areas of the house to explore. Here are some pics.

Happy 100th Birthday, Bay to Breakers

Dear B2B, sorry I wasn’t there to celebrate your centennial.

I stopped counting, but I’ve probably been to over 10 of your parties, starting during college through to last year. I’ve run, walked, dressed up, dressed down, run naked, watched from Alamo Square. I’ve been there through sunshine and clouds. I remember one year running the whole course in a dress completely drenched because of the rain.

Over the years, I started to get tired of all the partying and the drunk yahoos peeing up and down the Panhandle. The fun started to get out of control and plain irresponsible. It’s not your fault. I’m glad you’ve hired better security this year to crack down.

I hope you’re not mad at me. I guess I’m not the party girl I used to be!

Happy 100th.