Move Over Golden Gate, It’s the Bay Bridge’s Time

When the lights go (up) in the city

And the sun shines on the bay

Do I want to be there-ere-ere

In my city

Oh, oh, woh, woah

The Bay Lights launches next week Tuesday March 5th on the Bay Bridge. Cmon people, this is more exciting than the World Series or the Superbowl. This is fine art in our very own backyard for the whole world to see. This is huge. This is major. This is epic!

I can’t resist adding that the artist is a long-time Burner (Burning Man attendee) who founded Disorient camp.

Below are key tidbits I pulled from the Bay Lights site, their news release, and their fact sheet.

THE BAY LIGHTS is an iconic public art installation created by internationally renowned artist Leo Villareal, with over 25,000 white energy-efficient LEDs on the Bay Bridge West Span. This ever-changing, dazzling light sculpture will be 1.8 miles wide and 500 feet high – a monumental tour de force eight times the scale of the Eiffel Tower’s 100th Anniversary lighting. It will impact an audience of over 50 million people in the Bay Area alone, with billions more seeing THE BAY LIGHTS in media and online over two years, starting with a Grand Lighting Ceremony on March 5, 2013.

THE BAY LIGHTS is a site specific installation. The artist will use patterns of weather, the water and the traffic of cars, ships and wildlife as inspiration for creating his software algorithms. The patterns will never repeat.

THE BAY LIGHTS will be seen by over 50 million people in the Bay Area with billions of media impressions globally. It will also infuse significant resources into the region creating jobs and contributing to local businesses. An independent economic impact assessment conservatively estimates $97 million will be added to the local economy as a result of this project.

THE BAY LIGHTS will put the Bay Area in the global spotlight for two years, starting with a momentous Grand Lighting Ceremony on March 5, 2013, a year that also features the America’s Cup, the Port of San Francisco’s 150th Anniversary, the opening of the new Exploratorium at Pier 15 and, within days of the America’s Cup’s finale, the opening celebrations for California’s largest civic works project – the Bay Bridge East Span.

The LEDs are high efficiency and the power used will be offset by solar credits for the least environmental impact. Only $11,000 per year is allocated to energy cost.

San Francisco Ballet 2013 Opening Night Gala


This season marks the 80th anniversary of the San Francisco Ballet, the oldest professional and most heralded ballet company in the United States. I’ve been so stressed with everything that I didn’t have time to get a new dress to wear to the ball. I felt so under-dressed compared to all the women dripping with diamonds in their floor-length gowns. Next year, I vow to get all gussied up.

I just want to cry every time the principal dancer Yuan Yuan Tan gets on stage. She is my absolute favorite. I found this clip on YouTube which is the same dance that she performed at the gala. Dean and I have agreed that the year she retires (which should be soon), we are buying season tickets. There’s no one like her, so incredible!

Farewell 2012

I put together this photo gallery of the family highlights from our trip. I was thinking of doing a special post to mark the end of 2012, but figured this montage that I spent the last hour creating works quite well! Hope your 2012 was wonderful. See you soon in the New Year!

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