Farewell 2012

I put together this photo gallery of the family highlights from our trip. I was thinking of doing a special post to mark the end of 2012, but figured this montage that I spent the last hour creating works quite well! Hope your 2012 was wonderful. See you soon in the New Year!

Make your own thank you

Thanksgiving 2012

I am thankful for:

My health. Because even when I’m sick, I know it’s only temporary.

A husband who is the best animal imitator. He cracks me up every day with the most random things that come out of his mouth.

My family. For parents who stay up past midnight doing my laundry (and Dean’s!), do my Costco shopping, cook and tupperware us food, and wash my car.

A career in a field that’s exciting and relevant with products and services that every single person in the world needs and can benefit from.

Friends who I’ve shared magical memories with: from growing up in Alameda, cramming late night for exams, traveling all around the world, complaining about work, riding around in an art car exploring the playa, or drinking and eating way too much. Friends I see in-person and those I interact with virtually. I have always felt so supported by my friendships.

Our home in San Francisco. This is the best place I’ve ever lived.

I am thankful to God for all of the above, for keeping me and my family safe and healthy, and for always giving me what I needed when I needed it.

Election Day Pictures

A few pictures from election day – November 6, 2012.

This is my polling station, the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Alameda. I love voting a block away from where I grew up so I’ve never changed my permanent address even though I live and breathe San Francisco. It’s just so cute! The retired volunteers who are always smiling and making sure that you got your sticker. Why change? I’ve also never had to wait in line…ever. It’s pretty shocking to me hearing how people had to wait an hour or more to vote. That’s crazy talk! I’m in and out within 15 minutes flat.

Here we are at an election party. Once the news anchors declared Obama the winner, the bubbly came out in full force. In dixie cups! We are the 99%!

San Francisco Ballet 2012 Opening Night Gala

We went to the SF Ballet’s gala last night which was splendiferous. The people-watching was like no other. Or at least for me since I don’t often mingle with high society. Ball gowns, tuxes, bow ties, and glitter. So fun seeing all these old people dolled up. When I say ‘old,’ I mean really old. They were so cute decked out in their diamond necklaces and high heels. Major bling!

My attendance at the gala hasn’t been consistent. Probably the last time I went was 2-3 years ago. This time, waiters were going around passing out champagne. That’s new to me. Plus the hall was more packed than I’ve ever seen it. Seeing all the limos and Lincoln town cars afterwards was a trip.

The gala is the show to attend. It’s like watching the full season compressed into two hours. We saw 10 vignettes. 6 dances in the first half, intermission, then 4 in the second half.

The SF Ballet is world-class. The breadth of dances performed–from classical to modern–was phenomenal. It’s must see SF arts & culture.