Newborn Reality

cryingWhy is it that I read all these mommy blogs and very few (I can’t think of any) talk about how damned hard it is to parent a newborn. Yes, I’ve known about the sleepless nights. But what about when your newborn is already 6 weeks old and he’s crying his eyes out and he can’t be soothed no matter what the F* you do.

Diaper clean. Check. Baby fed. Check. Baby burped. Check. STILL CRYING, CRYING, CRYING. Check, Check, Check.

I was flabbergasted when friends told us that this is the perfect time to take the baby to a movie. They’ve either: 1) lost touch with reality, 2) forgotten their early parenting experience, or 3) given birth to mutants. We can barely leave the house; we’re so fearful the baby will start screaming his head off. One of the few things I’ve been able to enjoy is watching the World Cup games while rocking him nonstop. Even then, he’s still fussy and on the verge of wailing.

Dean posts all these great photos of the baby on Facebook. Franco cooing. Franco smiling. But let’s be real. Most of the time, Franco is crying!

We’ve done it all: rocked, sssshhhhh’d, swaddled, middle of the night car rides, vibrating rock n’ play. Oh and this kid is part feline. He hates taking a bath. Dip his toe in nice warm water and he will start screaming his head off. 6 weeks old and only a handful of baths. He reeks, I tell you.

Everyone is telling us it gets better. I’d like to know how soon!


Newborn Photos

Parenting is no joke! Prior to this, the most tired I have ever been was pulling all-nighters, investment banking-style during an M&A deal at work. I considered bringing my pillow into the office, but there wasn’t any time to put my head down! Well let me tell you, caring for a newborn is way worse. I’ve had a couple post-pregnancy meltdowns. Not pretty. Thankfully I have an understanding and generous husband. He certainly does his fair share.

The baby is already one month old! Hard to believe I haven’t had a continuous stretch of sleep for more than 3-and-a-half hours this whole time, but Franco is worth it. Wanted to share some professional photos we had taken when he was 2 weeks old. The SF-based photographer is Allison Busch.


Need a Good Movie Recommendation?

projectorAs new parents, we spend a lot of time at home with the baby. Dean and I are always debating what movies to watch next. We end up watching some real duds!

Here are really great movie recommendations that are also a little under the radar. Hopefully there are several you’ve never seen before and can watch next time you’re in a bind. Also, would love to hear your movie recs in the comments please. Help a new parent out!


All About Eve – If you haven’t seen this, make it your next movie. Great acting, excellent quotable dialogue. This is a favorite from our movie club.


Clerks – One of my favorite comedies of all time.

The Tao of Steve – Cracking up throughout the film.


Spellbound – My very favorite documentary about the national spelling bee. These kids are genius.

Fruitvale Station – More a docu-drama. Depicts the life of Oscar Grant. Oscar was unarmed and killed by a BART security agent on NYE.


Ain’t Them Bodies Saints – Rooney Mara and Casey Affleck give stunning performances. Modern day remake of Bonnie and Clyde.

Short Term 12 – SXSW audience award winner about a foster care center.

The Spectacular Now – Wonderful coming of age story.


13 Assassins – This is an action-packed Japanese thriller. Thumbs up from everyone in our movie club.

The Attack – Suspenseful film depicting the conflict between Israel and Palestine. I watched this a while ago, but I remember it made me realize that every side has their convictions—and for good reason. Painful and heartbreaking.

Heartbreaker (L’Arnacoeur) – One of my favorite romantic comedies. Stars Vanessa Paradis.


Two soccer recs as we gear up for the World Cup!

Damned United – Fast-paced, inspirational British soccer movie.

Rudo y Cursi – Another soccer film in Spanish about two brothers vying for soccer stardom and fame.


Deceived – Not sure why the ratings are so bad on Rotten Tomatoes. This is a fantastic thriller starring Goldie Hawn. The ending is unexpected.

Trance – A Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire, 127 Hours) film that we recently watched. Loved it. Had me guessing until the very end.

Baby Shower Weekend

I’ve been meaning to post about the wonderful baby showers that we had over Easter weekend.

On Saturday, we celebrated with 67 of our friends in our new home, complete with bouncy house rental for the kids. I was bummed not to have taken any pictures as we had friends present from all walks of life, including dear friends who came from Seattle and LA. Boo! Luckily, here are a few photos that people sent my way.

shower1 shower party3 party2 party1 party gloria1 gloria

On Easter Sunday, my parents hosted a joint Easter celebration and baby shower with 46 family members. I don’t have any pictures from that party, ugh!

Hanging out with 100+ people over one weekend was certainly exhausting. Dean and I crashed early on Easter Sunday, but had fun hanging out with so many friends and family members before our baby’s arrival.

Pregnancy: What I Wish I’d Known


Here’s what I wish I’d known about being pregnant and having a baby.

Pregnancy brain does not apply to everyone. I kept hearing that pregnancy caused forgetfulness or momnesia, but I was never in a fog during pregnancy. Tired, absolutely. Unable to focus and concentrate, not really. Probably because my job demanded a lot from me, I didn’t have time to make mistakes and redo shit.

Go on a babymoon. I’m all for vacations, specifically one big vacation before the baby arrives. We didn’t really have time for one and I regret that. There’s a lot of talk about birthing classes and lactation consultants. I say forget that stuff and go on a babymoon. You’ll never have a chance to sleep in again!

Setup a registry on Amazon. I can’t believe I considered not registering for anything. I figured we could simply buy everything ourselves. But friends and family will want to help, so do yourself a favor and register. Everyone seems to have an Amazon account these days which makes registering on that site convenient for everyone.

The best indicator of when you are going to deliver may be genetic. Apparently first time moms tend to deliver past their due date. I honed in on this metric, even though my mom and sister both delivered a week to 10 days early. My life would have been much easier if I had planned around when my own family members delivered.

Work until you deliver. I’m a proponent of working until the baby comes. It kept me from stressing too much over the pregnancy and labor. Otherwise I would have spent my days counting kicks and obsessing over minor details like nursery decorations. Also it doesn’t hurt to get paid your full salary versus a fraction of it through state disability.

During labor and delivery, you will shake violently. I read how many pregnancy books and blogs, subscribed to several pregnancy newsletters, and not once did anyone mention that I was going to have the shivers. I thought there was something wrong with me (like I was potentially dying), until the nurse told me that everyone has that experience due to the rush of hormones.

Ask for supplies and take everything from the hospital. Someone did tell me this and I’m glad I took it to heart. You’re paying for it; take it: sanitary napkins, diapers, wipes, vaseline, medical supplies. Ask for more. We took all that loot home.

Labor is nothing compared to post partum pain. I was told I had level 2 lacerations (level 4 being the worst) with cuts near my urethra and rectum. Considering I have a high pain threshold, I cannot even imagine what level 4 feels like. If I could only go through labor and not have to deal with post partum pain, I could imagine having a soccer club of babies. But I was in so much pain a good week post-delivery that getting pregnant again is the furthest thing from my mind.

Be prepared for your hospital bill! Know what your health insurance’s out of pocket maximum is because you will be paying it. Mine is $4,000. By the time I gave birth, I’d already paid $2,300 out of pocket. The hospital called me to collect the remaining $1,700. Even though we have the money, I still cringed when I got the call. I asked if it could be paid in installments. Of course not!

Your employer will disown you during maternity leave. I’ve been with my company for 10 years. My life is pretty much commingled with work. For example, they pay my cell phone bill and all of my contacts and calendar items (both personal and professional) are in Outlook. Unbeknownst to me, all of my work access was deactivated. My Blackberry did a complete reboot and I no longer have access to any of my contacts. In other words, I can’t make a phone call without emailing someone and asking for their phone number. It has been a big pain in the ass.

Lastly, this is a message for visitors.

Be helpful. In no way should you be inconveniencing parents who are sleep-deprived. That means holding the baby for an extended period of time, offering to run errands…anything but hanging out and expecting to be entertained. It’s hard to say no to visitors since you’re clearly home and have no excuse to give, but some of the visits have been more stressful than they should have been.

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