Money Monday: Missed Housing Opportunity

I have a set of housing criteria which filter out some real housing gems. One of these criteria is a parking spot which this condo in the Inner Richmond does not have. It’s already in contract and I swear if I had known about it, I would have pounced on it. It’s located just past Laurel Heights (one of my former beloved ‘hoods) near Arguello and Geary in San Francisco. It’s centrally located with a multitude of bus lines that will take you wherever you need to go in the city. And at discounted prices because it’s not in the hotbed of the Mission or SOMA or Potrero Hill. What a steal, especially since people are paying upwards of $700,000 for dorm-room lofts in those areas. Advice: broaden your range and criteria. There are deals to be had out there!

262 3rd Avenue – $429,000 – 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, 0 parking condominium









I’m Getting an iPhone!

iPhone_5_AngledSharp_Front_Back_White_PRINTI’m finally taking the plunge and buying an iPhone! You are probably asking why it has taken me this long. I have a Blackberry. Not only do I have a Blackberry, but my company pays for the device and my monthly cell phone bill. I haven’t paid a single cell phone bill for the past 9 years!

I figure it’s high time for me to take the plunge even if I am going to have to foot the bill on my own. Besides I need a new camera and figure I could just as easily take great pictures with an iPhone. Problem solved!

I researched all the different providers and plans and decided on the following:

Sprint no contract, pay as you go $70/monthly plan

$100 pre-owned iPhone 4

What do you think? I researched the different family plans and it was cheaper for me to go solo instead of doing an unlimited family plan for both me and Dean.

What will be weird is carrying both a Blackberry (work email and cell phone) and an iPhone (which will essentially act as my mini-computer).

Advice on apps I should download? I am so excited to join the world of iPhone users. And Siri. Can’t wait to get acquainted with Siri.

The Road to Mediocrity

roadrageDean and I hopped into a taxi last weekend and asked the cab driver to take us to an address he clearly did not know. In fact, we did not know the location either, only the address.

The cab driver continues driving (not knowing where he’s going) and I ask anxiously, “Sir, sir! Do you know where Benton Street is?”

No response.

I turn to Dean and say, “Let’s get out of the cab, this guy has no idea where he’s going.”

But instead of doing what I say, Dean being the nice guy that he is says, “Let me look it up on my phone.”

I’m panicking because I hate wasting money and the cabbie is driving in the exact opposite direction of where we need to be heading.

I scream again to the cabbie, “Do you not know where you’re going? Do you think you can stop the fucking cab instead of running up the meter, since you don’t know where the hell you’re going?”

He looks back and glares at me as if I’m the Wicked Witch of the Tenderloin, “I can’t be expected to know every single street in the city of San Francisco.”

I roar, “This is your job. You are a cab driver, right? Don’t you have a map or a phone?!”

No¬†initiative. Instead, he waits for Dean to give him directions and the whole time I’m writhing like a snake ready to bite. We had to make a U-turn, by the way, adding an extra $6 to the fare. Bear with me, it’s not about the money, it’s about accountability!

I know that one of my big character flaws is that I have a short fuse, but I absolutely cannot stand incompetence. It is a taxi driver’s job to know addresses and sure, I get it if he doesn’t know every single one, but at least have a map on-hand to figure it out. This is not something specialized like anesthesiology or finding the cure for cancer. This is driving a car. Something that 16-year-olds across America know how to do, and they don’t even get paid! If being a taxi driver is your bread and butter, then please have some competence in it! ARGH!!! Bullshit does not sit well with me.


Sponsored Post: Cutting the Cost of Airport Parking

Thomas-CookCutting the Cost of Parking

When you book airport parking it can feel like it’s another cost to add to the growing pile of holiday spends. Here are a few tips to help you cut the cost of airport parking and make sure you get a great deal while you’re at it.

Get Deal Savvy

Sign up to third party airport parking operator newsletters and take advantage of deals or discounts when they come around. Some might be better than others and many deals are advertised on their websites too, so always shop around to see who’s offering the best deal as you might just get it cheaper elsewhere.

Book Early

Unlike package holidays, you generally won’t find any late deals when it comes to airport parking. Wherever you need to park – whether it’s Gatwick airport parking at the North Terminal, parking at Heathrow or in Glasgow, make sure you book as soon as possible to take advantage of the best prices – and the best availability too.

Consider Your Options

Airport parking doesn’t all have to be on-site at the airport. In fact, one of the best values for money parking options is off-site car parking, and due to high competition among local operators, it is generally a well-run and professional service that’s quick and efficient. You drop your car at an off-site location and, while it’s being parked for you (or sometimes you park it yourself) you take a free shuttle bus to the airport terminal. On your return home, you join the shuttle at a convenient place and return to the car park, ready to head home.

Whatever car parking you need, from Bristol or Leeds Bradford to Gatwick airport parking, you’ll find a wide range of options online and plenty of available deals too, so it always pays to do your homework.

Love is Love

cincoA year ago, Dean and I were in Healdsburg with our gay friends donning mustaches to celebrate Mexican independence on Cinco de Mayo. I wish we were all together last night so that we could celebrate the Supreme Court’s twin rulings paving the way for equal rights for everyone regardless of sexual orientation. The highest court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act which had denied the recognition of and federal benefits for same sex couples who were legally married. Further and closer to home, the Supreme Court found California’s Proposition 8, which banned same sex marriage, to be unconstitutional.

I really cannot understand why we have to fight over this. People should be able to love whoever they want to love. At one point in time, interracial marriages were illegal. Doesn’t that seem so outlandish right now? Hopefully years from now we will look back at this time with the same disbelief.

While I respect everyone’s right to their own opinion, I do not understand conservatives who insist that marriage is supposed to be between a man and a woman, as stated in the Bible. Let’s not confuse the letter of the law with the spirit of Christian principles. Love is love!

Props to Van Jones on CNN’s Crossfire last night who quipped, “If you’re concerned about traditional marriage, Kim Kardashian has done more harm to traditional marriage than any gay person.” BOOYAH!

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