Money Monday: The Best Credit Card Ever

I’m so happy to be back. As much as I love New York, it is really good to be home. There’s nothing like sleeping in your own Tempurpedic bed, which is the best bed in the whole wide world, by the way. Speaking of best of the best, I have the best credit card for you.

I had lunch with a former coworker who moved to NYC and now works for Capital One. I love my Capital One Cash Rewards credit card, it’s the bees knees. The deal is 1% cash back, then an additional 0.5% cash back once a year. But now they have a new and improved card.

This is the best credit card ever.

It’s called the Quicksilver which is essentially the same as the Capital One Cash Rewards, but now you get 1.5% cash back continuously. You don’t have to wait for one year to pass to get the additional 0.5% cash back. Plus no foreign transaction fees. And a $100 bonus when you spend your first $500. This is the card to take with you on safari to Botswana! Love Capital One, best customer service of any credit card company ever!

I put every single possible purchase on my cash back rewards card: every bill, every Starbucks, every piece of chocolate from the candy store, EVERYTHING! Then I pay that shit off every single month. It’s called smart financial discipline. 1.5% cash back…you are making money!

Rhinebeck, New York

Here are some pictures from spending last weekend at my friend’s farm house in upstate Rhinebeck, New York. The grass fed beef that he made for dinner is probably the best steak I have ever eaten in my entire life. It also didn’t hurt that I had the attic all to myself. Heaven!

I’m still in NYC through Sunday which is why I haven’t been posting. Hope you are all having a great Friday!

Money Monday: Getting a Return on Investment from Your Alma Mater

Think about when you graduated from college or graduate school, and you came out with a crackload of loans with interest rates up the wazoo. Didn’t you wish you had some wealthy relative who could write a check to take away the financial pain? Or at least someone who believed in you and could make an investment on your behalf?

This is your opportunity to put your money where your heart is and make some student’s dream come true. And make money doing it! What better investment is that?

Did you believe in yourself after your graduated from school?

Do you believe in your alma mater?

Do you think your alma mater selects the most capable, ambitious, successful students?

This is not a donation.

Through a peer-to-peer lending company called CommonBond, you can invest in students by paying their student loan, and they in turn will repay you, with a 4-6% return for you. This is genius! Research shows that graduates of Wharton business school have less than a 1% chance of defaulting on their loan. I am all over this!

On Fertility: It Takes a Village

It only takes 2 to tango, but there are so many collaborative musicians and choreographers in this dance called life.

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have caught that I have been live tweeting from NYC and upstate New York. I’m here because I attended an experiential fertility workshop in Woodstock. It was FUCKING AMAZING. I will write all about it in a follow-up post. I can genuinely feel my baby on its way to me and Dean as I write this.

But before I go to sleep tonight, I wanted to capture how blessed and grateful I am for the following:

1. My job which quite possibly has the most generous vacation time of any employer in the US of A.

2. The interweb. Where or where would I be without Google and the internet, and the fact that we have the capability to research anything and find help.

3. So many friends who generously offered to take me in, put me up, drive me around (including 45 minutes to the workshop), and share their homes for me to sleep restfully.

4. As my parents are immigrants and I have witnessed first-hand the poverty of the Philippines, I know how very lucky I am to be able to eat local farm fresh food, to be able to choose between organic and gluten-free, and to have a tummy that is wined and dined every single day. I try not to take it for granted.

Thank you to everyone who has helped and supported us on this journey.

Help! I Don’t Know How to Swim

I don’t know how to swim. Whenever I tell people this, I’m often quizzed with “What do you mean you can’t swim?”

Here’s how I like to think of it. If a boat capsized in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, would I be able to survive without any flotation device for the next hour until I was rescued? The answer is a violent no.

Despite spending a lot of time in pools when I was a kid, over time, I have lost the ability to swim. Also just because you spend a lot of time in the pool doesn’t mean you learn technique. Dog paddling is not a technique! That’s like saying if you bang on the keyboard enough, you know how to play the piano.

I also learned in my early teens that I’m allergic to chlorine. Swimming in a pool or even in the ocean which has trace amounts of chlorine would result in a rash all over my body. The only way I could avoid a rash was by swimming in reservoirs. How convenient!

I may have outgrown the allergy. I’m actually not sure, but now I just do a vigorous scrub in the shower as soon as I’m out of the pool. No more rashes, but I still can’t swim.

How can you resist this pool at the vacation home we rented in Palm Springs? Heaven all to ourselves.

What about you? Can you swim?

Can you survive a capsized boat?