Blurbs for the Brain: Mommy, Are We Rich?

A round-up of thought-provoking ideas or research I’ve come across while reading newspapers and magazines.

Wall Street Journal – the Journal Report – Wealth Management

How do you keep heirs from losing their work ethic?

Eleanor Blayney, consumer advocate of the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards

I once ran a workshop for wealthy parents on how to raise financially responsible children. One mother shared her unique approach. She told about the time her preteen son came to her and asked, “Mommy, are we rich?” To which she replied, “Your father and I are. But you are not.” I now believe this is the conversation that all wealthy parents need to have with their kids.

I love that! I am rich, but you kiddo are not! In other words, you gotta work ¬†for it. You’re not born into it!

The University of Chicago Magazine, Jan-Feb 2013

Research by Chicago Booth behavioral scientist Nicholas Epley and Yan Zhang MBA ’09, PhD ’09 found that people would rather receive gifts that they requested, over gifts that were unrequested but thoughtful. By the way, if you didn’t know it already, the science of gift giving is extremely uneconomical.

Top 10 Cities for Tech based on venture capital investment

Source: The Money Tree Report by Pricewaterhouse Coopers and the National Venture Capital Association, based on data from Thomson Reuters

1. SF

2. San Jose, CA

3. Boston

4. NYC

5. Oakland, CA

6. San Diego

7. LA area

8. Orange County, CA

9. Chicago

10. Austin Area, TX

1 Night and 1 Day in Point Reyes

While everyone is enjoying the holiday week and weekend, I got exactly 1 day (the 4th of July) to take advantage of an abbreviated vacation. Dean and I took off after work on Wednesday and headed to scenic Point Reyes which is an hour away from San Francisco. Given the limited timeframe, I made sure to pack it in. Here is a visual summary of our 1 night, 1 day vacation.

We stayed at the Tomales Bay Resort in Inverness. Nothing says vacation more than being right on the water.




We had dinner at the Michael Bauer (SF Food Critic)–approved Sir and Star in Olema. Service was horrendous, but the food was so incredible I didn’t mind. Everything is very locally-sourced within a few miles of the restaurant. Fuck real foie gras, their faux gras was a jar of fatty buttery goodness; it truly should be illegal.


We had brunch outdoors at the Station House Cafe in Point Reyes Station.

3 2 1

The Tomales Point Trail took us 4 hours to hike round-trip: coastal bluffs, tule elk reserve, wildflowers, sand dunes. One of the best hikes ever! The snake that slithered in front of me gave me a scare, but otherwise absolute bliss. We hiked to the very end of the trail, to the edge of the continent.


2345769 8

Homeward bound!



Status Update: How Many Hours Until Happy Hour

updateLife’s been unbelievably crazy, as always. I’ve been going to sleep late and waking up early, I’ve got so much to do. This is my busiest time at work. Even though tomorrow is a holiday, I’ll be back in on Friday and working all weekend. When I say ‘all weekend,’ I mean all weekend. Full days Saturday and Sunday. Yippee!

Outside of work, I’ve mainly been focused on my blog which is going through another redesign. I wasn’t completely happy with the last one so it’s changing. It’ll be much cleaner, crisper, sleeker. And I’m finally making money through ad revenue and sponsorships. Dean and I have a new bet going: for every deal he closes (He works in sales.), I have to get 3 new sponsors for my blog. One new sponsor contacted me out of the blue yesterday. That counts, right?! No because this is all about developing my salesmanship (I have none), pounding the pavement, and generating revenue. It’s been busy for my bloggy.

THE DOG STARS By: Peter Heller.I stayed up until 1am on Monday finishing our book club book The Dog Stars by Peter Heller. It was different and interesting. Had a good time with the crew last night discussing the book and dishing on celebrities while drinking wine and eating french fries at Nopa. Next up is my pick: Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg. I have been dying to read it. Honestly, in-between all that I do, I don’t read much anymore. Very sad. Thank God for book club.

burning-man-logoAs background for those of you who are recent readers of my blog, I’m the volunteer coordinator for the ARTery at Burning Man and I’m currently spending way too much time working on the schedule for the event and responding to a ton of emails. In fact, I resigned my position recently, but have stayed on in a consultative role. It is causing me way too much stress.

Further, we’re at work trying to plan our 20 year high school reunion. For all you St. Joseph Notre Dame Pilots who graduated in 1993 who want to help out, let me know. We have a Facebook page here.


Money Monday: Missed Housing Opportunity

I have a set of housing criteria which filter out some real housing gems. One of these criteria is a parking spot which this condo in the Inner Richmond does not have. It’s already in contract and I swear if I had known about it, I would have pounced on it. It’s located just past Laurel Heights (one of my former beloved ‘hoods) near Arguello and Geary in San Francisco. It’s centrally located with a multitude of bus lines that will take you wherever you need to go in the city. And at discounted prices because it’s not in the hotbed of the Mission or SOMA or Potrero Hill. What a steal, especially since people are paying upwards of $700,000 for dorm-room lofts in those areas. Advice: broaden your range and criteria. There are deals to be had out there!

262 3rd Avenue – $429,000 – 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, 0 parking condominium









I’m Getting an iPhone!

iPhone_5_AngledSharp_Front_Back_White_PRINTI’m finally taking the plunge and buying an iPhone! You are probably asking why it has taken me this long. I have a Blackberry. Not only do I have a Blackberry, but my company pays for the device and my monthly cell phone bill. I haven’t paid a single cell phone bill for the past 9 years!

I figure it’s high time for me to take the plunge even if I am going to have to foot the bill on my own. Besides I need a new camera and figure I could just as easily take great pictures with an iPhone. Problem solved!

I researched all the different providers and plans and decided on the following:

Sprint no contract, pay as you go $70/monthly plan

$100 pre-owned iPhone 4

What do you think? I researched the different family plans and it was cheaper for me to go solo instead of doing an unlimited family plan for both me and Dean.

What will be weird is carrying both a Blackberry (work email and cell phone) and an iPhone (which will essentially act as my mini-computer).

Advice on apps I should download? I am so excited to join the world of iPhone users. And Siri. Can’t wait to get acquainted with Siri.

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