Three Things to Do in Point Reyes

Yep, we love Point Reyes which is an hour north of San Francisco: good food, good hikes, good life. It seems like we spend more time in Point Reyes than in the city of San Francisco.

Here are 3 things to do in Point Reyes:

1. Eat thin-crust pizza and ginormously fresh oysters at the very popular Cafe Reyes.

2. Hike or bike the 9-mile round trip trail to Arch Rock and stunning views of the Pacific Ocean. 

It’s like being on the edge of the world.

3. Have faux gras (so good it should be illegal), wine, and other yumminess at the renowned Sir and Star.

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The Best iPhone App You Need to Download NOW

I’ve been on vacation, totally offline. Took Thursday and Friday off so today I was playing catch up at my all-day job—the one that pays the bills and affords me vacation time and bestows me with health care coverage. So bear with me, I’m still alive, but always juggling way too much. I’m also going on vacation (again!) starting this Friday for a week. My life is cray-cray beautiful. If you’re curious what I do from about 8am-6pm everyday, check out my LinkedIn profile since I’m always curious what part-time bloggers like me do full-time.

The Best iPhone App:

Our friend showed us the best iPhone app that y’all need to download NOW! I promise (100% guaranteed) that you will LOVE it.

It’s Yahoo Weather which won Apple’s 2013 Design Award. It’s functional and gorgeous. It’s not like the basic weather app that’s already installed on your phone. Get rid of that or hide it. It’s lame-o compared to Yahoo Weather, which gives museum-worthy scenic photos of every location that you type in. I have yet to see a duplicate picture of my beautiful San Francisco. As you scrolled down, you see a glimpse of the hourly and daily forecast, plus details on humidity, precipitation, wind & pressure, and the phase of the moon!

If you don’t have an iPhone, bookmark the regular site.

YAHOO stock = Buy

Also, I begrudgingly setup a Facebook Fan Page. Ugh, another social media medium to babysit. Would you do me a favor and like me?

Milestones in Three Years of Marriage

Three years ago, Dean and I were married at St. Dominic’s Church in San Francisco in a small Catholic ceremony, then celebrated with all of our friends and family in Palm Springs a week later. We are heading to Palm Springs today for the holiday weekend—our first time back since 2010.

In our three years of marriage:

  • We’ve lived in the same apartment complex in Lower Nob Hill, San Francisco and paid between $1,200-1,700 in rent.
  • Rented out for several years, and finally sold my 1-bedroom condo in Lower Pacific Heights.
  • Gone to Burning Man.
  • Traveled to: Austin, LA, New York, Scottsdale, British Columbia Canada, Italy, Roatan Honduras, and England.
  • Conceived and lost 2 angel babies.
  • Hiked and raced hundreds of miles.
  • Consumed hundreds of bottles of wine.
  • Done yoga and zumba together.
  • Started a movie club.
  • Gone to church regularly (i.e., I got Dean to go to church.).
  • Watched Everton football in Liverpool and San Francisco. Both wins!
  • Watched the San Francisco Giants win two world series.

Happy Labor Day Weekend Everyone! Enjoy!

Society of Socialpreneurs – Bloglovin’ Wednesday

I recently discovered the Society of Socialpreneurs, a social network for bloggers and home-based business owners. I love their website which has lots of different directories for discovering new bloggers. I encourage you to check it out and add each of your social media profiles to the site. I’m so happy to have discovered another great resource for bloggers.

And join us below to add your Bloglovin’ profile and to discover a new blog hop.

Happy Wednesday!

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Money Monday: I’m paying your rent or mortgage for a month

Ok, let’s be clear, I can’t afford to pay your rent or mortgage, but someone I admire is running a contest to do exactly that. There’s no catch. All you have to do is comment and say what you’d do with the money you save.

Ramit Sethi is the author of the bestselling book I Will Teach You to Be Rich. His technique is all about automating your savings and spending. I read the book years ago, but it seems like his blog has a lot of the same material for free.

Speaking of mortgages, isn’t it crazy how mortgage rates have jumped since the beginning of the year? Ugh, who wants to lock in a 4.75% mortgage rate when just last year rates were 3.5%? Too bad, so sad. Plus there is like no inventory in San Francisco unless you want to live in constant fog in the outer Richmond or Sunset (the name of that neighborhood is so ironic), or if you’re willing to trade in safety to own a home in Bayview. Ugh, we’ll stick to our apartment for the time being.