What We Can Learn from Justin Bieber

'Justin Bieber:  2011 Golden Globe Awards Dressy' photo (c) 2011, iloveJB123 - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/Justin Bieber has a special place in my heart because he took on the Philippines (my parents’ native land) as one of his charitable causes, raising over $3 million in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan. I am heartened that he used his influence to rally so many of his fans to assist when tragedy struck. Obviously the kid is no saint, as he was recently arrested for a DUI, drag racing, and drug possession.

We see this happen repeatedly: child stars with so much fame and power, spiraling out of control. It’s easy to shake our heads and criticize, but how many of us can truly understand what is going on. We’ve never been exposed to such wealth and celebrity.

Justin is a mere 19 years old. Let me tell you what I was doing when I was that age. I was fresh out of the dorms, living in a small 3-bedroom apartment with four other girls. Sure I was living away from my parents and on my own, and yes I consumed my fair share of alcohol underage. But I was also disciplined because unless I wanted to fail out of Biology and Organic Chemistry, I needed to be focused and I needed to study my ass off, if ever I wanted to live a life that didn’t consist of eating Top Ramen for dinner.

Contrast my life with Justin’s. He’s not wanting for anything. He’s achieved fame, fortune. He has nothing to strive for. We can dismiss his life as another celebrity gone wrong. It’s not something that can statistically happen to our normally raised kids. Yet how often do we see addictions manifesting in young adults, prevalent underage drinking and drug use, and teenage pregnancy?

Where is Justin’s mother? She seems to be praying, as she has called on the public to refrain from criticizing and join her in praying for her son. While I’m a firm believer in prayer, I also believe that God helps those who help themselves. Justin’s mom needs to be by her son’s side like a fly on shit. He’s become an immature spoiled brat, lacking guidance, and needs discipline. Children need and crave discipline!

Are you your child’s best friend? If so, that’s a RED FLAG. My husband is my best friend. My kid will never be my best friend. I am there to advise, guide, and discipline. That is a parent’s job. If ever you suspect your kid is going off the rails, heed my words: LIKE A FLY ON SHIT. You should know who their friends are, who their friends’ parents are, where they are at all times, what they like and dislike, what motivates them. Be a parent, not a friend.

Minted Holiday and New Year’s Card Collection



Above is the card designed by Minted that we planned on sending for Christmas, but never had time because pregnancy and poisoning kinda got in the way! Minted is my favorite card shop. Not only are they based in San Francisco, but what makes Minted unique is that the company crowd-sources from a global community of designers, then sells the best designs (voted on by consumers and designers) as stationery and art for the home, holidays, and special occasions. It’s a brilliant concept that gives exposure and income to indie designers, and allows the public to to tap into this enormous talent!

You have more than enough time to send out New Year’s cards especially since Minted has such gorgeous designs and they make it so easy. Here are my favorites from their New Year’s collection.

minted2mintedminted1Discount: 15% off all holiday and New Year’s cards using code FLURRY15 by December 23.

Convenience: Recipient addresses printed free on your envelopes with holiday card orders.

While this post was sponsored by Minted, all opinions are my own—as Minted really is my fave.

Money Monday: I’m a Belieber!

justin bieber

I don’t know much about Justin Bieber except that he’s a pop star, but I can honestly say I love him.

After the destruction of Typhoon Haiyan on the Philippines, Bieber began to raise money for the cause by tweeting this. He auctioned off the spray paint and signed copies of the picture.

Soon after Bieber launched a massive fund-raising campaign and rallied close to 50 million Twitter followers to donate. He ended his Believe Tour in the typhoon’s worst hit town Tacloban.

And get this, he reached his campaign goal of $1,000,000! I’m so proud. And such a fan.

Go go Bieber!

Holiday Update

santaconIt took me a week to recover from food poisoning. I only managed to eat a few bites at every meal, and all the fatigue of my first trimester came back to haunt me. I went to bed by 9pm every night and woke up at 7am. The whole week was one big daze.

So here’s the update.

I’m exactly 17 weeks and 2 days along in my pregnancy.

Apparently, the baby is the size of an iPhone. Imagine an iPhone 5 swimming around inside of you.

The food poisoning set me back 5 pounds. I was tracking along at a pound a week, but now I’m back down to 95 pounds, for a 10 pound  pregnancy gain. I’ve got some catching up to do!

I’ve got a rash all around my tummy. A rash or blackheads or bumps. I don’t know exactly what it is, but it’s gross and extremely itchy. I’ve got acne on my face, my chest, and all over my back. I’m constantly scratching myself.

As much as I love this time of year, I haven’t been able to enjoy it much. Someone snapped a picture of me and Dean in the middle of SantaCon in Union Square when we were on our way to another holiday event. Don’t I look a little green?

My poor hubby was only in town for 36 hours. He’s traveling again for work, but will be back at the end of the week. Sigh.

Have you ever had food poisoning?

What calamities did you suffer during pregnancy?

Have you ever participated in SantaCon?

I’ve Been Poisoned

I had a nice quiet day to myself yesterday since Dean is traveling for work. I went to one of my favorite restaurants for brunch, but mid-way through my meal of corned beef and eggs, I felt horrifically ill. I chalked it up to over-eating and came home to rest, which turned into a four hour nap. I woke up, took a sip of water, gagged, then ran to the kitchen (which is closer than the bathroom) and vomited half of my brunch into the sink. Lovely.

I spent the rest of Sunday night and all day today in bed, propping my head up every once in a while so that I could respond to urgent work emails on my Blackberry. I called my OB first thing in the morning and she said the baby is resilient and not to worry. That even if I didn’t eat or drink for several days, the baby would be ok, so I shouldn’t try to force down food or liquids if I couldn’t stomach it.

I realized how much of a lifeline Dean is when I’m sick. If he were here, he’d make me hot cocoa or chicken noodle soup, or bring me my laptop. I haven’t had the energy for any of that so I pretty much stayed still in my bed. Hopefully I’ll be tip-top tomorrow after another full night’s rest.

One other blessing: I called my coworker to check in and she said I picked a good day to stay at home because the building was freezing and everyone was walking around in puffy jackets. What is going on with this weather? It is FRIGID.

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