Sponsored Post: Cutting the Cost of Airport Parking

Cutting the Cost of Parking

When you book airport parking it can feel like it’s another cost to add to the growing pile of holiday spends. Here are a few tips to help you cut the cost of airport parking and make sure you get a great deal while you’re at it.

Get Deal Savvy

Sign up to third party airport parking operator newsletters and take advantage of deals or discounts when they come around. Some might be better than others and many deals are advertised on their websites too, so always shop around to see who’s offering the best deal as you might just get it cheaper elsewhere.

Book Early

Unlike package holidays, you generally won’t find any late deals when it comes to airport parking. Wherever you need to park – whether it’s Gatwick airport parking at the North Terminal, parking at Heathrow or in Glasgow, make sure you book as soon as possible to take advantage of the best prices – and the best availability too.

Consider Your Options

Airport parking doesn’t all have to be on-site at the airport. In fact, one of the best values for money parking options is off-site car parking, and due to high competition among local operators, it is generally a well-run and professional service that’s quick and efficient. You drop your car at an off-site location and, while it’s being parked for you (or sometimes you park it yourself) you take a free shuttle bus to the airport terminal. On your return home, you join the shuttle at a convenient place and return to the car park, ready to head home.

Whatever car parking you need, from Bristol or Leeds Bradford to Gatwick airport parking, you’ll find a wide range of options online and plenty of available deals too, so it always pays to do your homework.


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    When we’ll be gone for awhile we always do off site parking. I think we even actually get out of there faster than the long term lots at the airport–and the price is MUCH better! –Lisa

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    I always use off site parking but I am terrible about scouting the deals. The last time I traveled though we were so late that we had to do on site parking & it was so expensive!

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