I Got Pregnant and All I Got Was This Muffin Top

Me: I took down a lot of good notes here. Thank you for all of this. No raw meat or seafood, nothing unpasteurized. No deli meat, nitrates, or runny eggs. No sprouts. I’ve cut out the caffeine and the alcohol so I think I’m good. How much weight do I need to gain over the course of my pregnancy? 15 or 20 pounds?

Nutritionist: Catherine, you’re underweight so I’d like to see you gain more than that. 30, even 40 pounds would be ideal.

Me: [jaw dropping] Are you serious?

Nutritionist: Yes, 30-4o pounds is what you need to aim for.


Me being the guns blazing, overachieving rockstar mommy-to-be, I went for it. 30-40 pounds? As the Black Eyed Peas like to say, “Let’s Get It Started!”

The day I had the above conversation with my nutritionist I was 82 pounds. Before you go wagging your finger at me, please know that I am 4’10” so being 82 pounds isn’t that skinny. Yes I was underweight for my age, but within normal range for my height.

I went full speed ahead: chocolate chip cookies and whole milk, daily milkshakes, cereal, and bread (which I don’t normally eat). By the time I miscarried, I was 90 pounds. I figured it wouldn’t be a problem dropping the weight, but the muffin top is still here and it causes me much anxiety.

I honestly don’t mind being this weight. The problem is that my clothes don’t fit. Can you imagine gaining 10% of your body weight? It’s a lot. It’s especially a lot on an 82 pound frame. My suits and my work clothes do not fit. I’ve spent the past couple weeks suffering at work, unzipping zippers in the privacy of my cube to let my muffin top breathe. I don’t have a lot of work clothes. I believe in quality over quantity. Everything is perfectly¬†tailored¬†to my small frame. I’ve always believed in wearing clothes that look like they were made for you and make you feel good. If it doesn’t fit exactly right, toss it.

Well shit, now that my suits and dresses don’t fit, I am screwed! Purchasing a whole new work wardrobe means dropping several thousand dollars on designer apparel. Houston, we have a problem.


  1. Michelle says

    After 2 miscarriages, I had gone from 150 and stabilized at 170. size 10 to a size 12 then size 14 in a 3 year period. I kept clearing my closet and handing them over to my mom to give away, which she wouldn’t do, because she kept saying that somehow I would miraculously get back to a size 10. Ha! I didn’t get that genetic code. She has a high metabolism and sprang back to normal after my brother.

    I invested in tunic length tank tops and blouses.

  2. says

    After having two kids, even though I weigh only 106 lbs (and I am also only 5’2″), many of my clothes that fit before (mind you I am around the same weight I was before I got pregnant with 2 kids) fit but not right, because my ab muscles still after 2 1/2 years are not as firm as I’d like them. No one ever tells you that you will never quite have the same body afterwards. But I guess you manage. At least I have the best I know how, but still would kill to have my firmer ab muscles back!!

    • Catherine says

      I’m praying I just get pregnant again. That way it will be acceptable to wear maternity clothes to work.

  3. says

    That is frustrating. I have no advice because I have my own non-baby-related weight I can’t kick, but I’m sure you’ll be back in those sweet clothes in no time!

  4. says

    Sorry that kinda stinks. I haven’t bought anything new for myself in I can’t remember. Hope you can figure something out :)

  5. says

    That sucks, Catherine. I’m sure it’s difficult to find clothes that fit your small frame to begin with. I guess there’s no way to take some of the clothes out – could a good tailor do it? If you do have to buy new clothes, check out some of the designer discount websites like bluefly.com or ruelala.com – maybe you can save a little money. Or the Nordstrom anniversary sale is next month…

    • Catherine says

      That would have been fine if I still worked with WITS! God, do you even remember that group? That was like ages ago we worked together. You always cracked me up. Hey I’m emailing you now.

  6. says

    How frustrating! It’s not easy to find things in the first place when you are petite. After 3 kids, I seem to have a permanent muffin top. I wish I’d gotten rid of it way back when. Now it seems so hard. I buy most things ruched (is that how you spell it?) because it hides a lot. :)

    • Catherine says

      you’re right, ashley, i didn’t think of that! the journey was fun, plus we are hyper-focused now on getting preggers again. given that i don’t ovulate and when/if i do, it is so unpredictable, we are having sex every other day to make sure we don’t miss our window!

  7. says

    I hate the muffin top, but every once in awhile I remind myself that 2 beautiful daughters lived within that flabby skin – plus at least two babies that didn’t make it – and even if it never goes away, I wouldn’t trade them for the world. Someday you’ll look down on whatever changes your body has made and just feel blessed at the beautiful child(ren) you have to show for it!

    • Catherine says

      I wouldn’t mind the muffin top or any weight gained if I had a child to love :( Hopefully one day.

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