10 Things of Thankful

I’ve been reading other bloggers post their 10 Things of Thankful which made me so happy to read. I am thankful for all the typical things you are thankful for: health, my husband, my family and friends, my job, and freedom. Here are different things that I’m grateful for.


I remember being sick right after college when I had a full-time job. The job paid little so when I went to the drug store to buy medicine, I distinctly remember having to buy the generic cold medication because I could not afford the premium brands. I felt very defeated at that moment, having worked my ass off and knowing that I deserved better. And I vowed never to be in that position again. It took me some time to get here, but I want for nothing because I fought and continue to fight to be compensated for my true worth. Takeaway: Don’t ever settle!

Potato Head

I’m thankful I never owned a TV nor am I a couch potato because watching TV is mindless, when you could be educating yourself or being productive. I grew up in libraries. Books were my best friend when I felt alone. Books were my ice-cream when I felt depressed. Books inform and educate, and will make you better. Takeaway: Ditch the TVs!

No or Low Technology

I am glad I grew up in an age where we didn’t have cell phones. I reminisce on the days when we were beholden to our word and meeting up at a certain time meant meeting up at that time! No texting that we were running 15 minutes late. It makes me sad that we can no longer enjoy each others’ company, that iPhones and iPads are so prevalent, that it’s now more important to capture the moment than to experience it fully. Takeaway: Live for the moment, not for the picture!

UC Berkeley

I used to think I had a great college experience, but that was because I didn’t have anything to compare it to. In retrospect, going to Cal was brutal. Organic Chemistry, Physics, Physiology. And don’t think it was just the hard sciences. My English courses (#1 English Department in the country) were just as challenging. Oh how I cried! My college experience taught me a lot about competition and persistence. After I graduated I felt like I could do anything I set my mind to. And I wear the scars with pride. Takeaway: Subject yourself to challenge and competition. It makes you stronger.

700 square feet

I feel very liberated living in a cheap (comparatively for San Francisco) 1-bedroom apartment with my husband. We don’t have a lot of stuff, nor are we emotionally tied to any of it. I’m actually very grateful that we currently don’t have mortgage payments. It’s very freeing to know that you can just pick up and go, and not have to worry about material things or finances. Takeaway: Stop buying more shit. Reduce, reuse, recycle.


  1. says

    Love all that you have experienced and have gotten you where you are today. So much to be thankful for indeed and this linkup really does prove that for us in spades!! :)

  2. says

    Yes to not watching tv! Good for you! I confess that we own a very large TV, and a collection of DVD/BluRays that is nearing 500… and we have Netflix because it’s cheaper than one movie, but I have always refused to pay for cable or satellite or anything like that – we had the ‘free’ trial for three months when my first daughter was a baby, and I turned into a couch potato! I would sit on the couch nursing and get started watching something and two hours later I would still be there! I was so glad when we decided not to continue with it… I could probably get rid of TV completely, but my husband likes to turn off his brain at the end of the week and watch a few movies over the weekend. It drives him crazy when I start folding laundry or something because I just hate being idle when there’s stuff to be done!
    I also love your perspective on your apartment! Again, my husband feels the need to own a house, so we do, but I think I’d prefer to not be tied down to anything. I’d love to go live overseas for a year or two – just for the experience! I used to want a big house with lots of big rooms – I had a friend growing up who had a queen sized bed in her bedroom and I always idealized that someday I would have a house big enough for my kids to have queen sized beds in their rooms also… Now that I’m the one who’s actually keeping this space clean, our 900 square foot bungalow seems HUGE! The smaller the space – and the less stuff – the better!

    • Catherine says

      I can definitely understand watching movies. I like movies as much as the next person, but it’s the addictive reality TV that has got to go!

      A 900 square foot bungalow sounds like my dream home! Not so big, just perfect.

  3. says

    I do need to ditch the TV because I was so much mindless crap. However, I also read 4 books this week, so I can’t be all bad!

    • Catherine says

      4 books?! That is crazy. If you ever need recommendations, let me know. I have tons that you will love.

  4. says

    For lent I had to do without the television for one week. It rarely wasn’t a big deal considering all the garbage on the tube anyway. I think I’m going to add ditching the TV to my daughters summer bucket list. You’ve inspired me. What year did you graduate UC? You may know a couple of my friends – your alum.

    • Catherine says

      That’s a great idea for your daughter—no TV, especially during summer. There’s so much more to life! I graduated UC many moons ago in 1997.

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