My How Times Have Changed

This is a snapshot of the crowd when Pope Benedict got elected in 2005, then again when Pope Francis was elected this year. I saw it in a presentation recently. I think the original may have come from a Kleiner Perkins presentation. KPCB has annual decks that they do on internet trends. Good info. Check them out on their website.


  1. says

    Startling to see how far we’ve progressed in only eight years, but then the iPhone was introduced in 2007. Doesn’t it seem like it’s been around longer than that? Wonder where we will be in another eight years?

    • Catherine says

      Cannot wait for the Google Glasses! Also, we need better voice activation so we can tell our GPS or cars where we want to go. Even better, wouldn’t it be great to turn on our devices and say, “Send an email to John and tell him happy birthday.”

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