Fashion Friday: Pretty in Pink

My life is just nuts right now.

Looks like my website redesign will launch tomorrow. So exciting, but also fearful at the same time. Last night, I had a mild freak-out. I started nit-picking at the design and asked Dean to weigh in on the colors. I felt like a bride who gets cold feet about something at the last minute. I mean, I have been wedded to this current design for years. It’s very sad saying good-bye. So sad that I made sure to take a snapshot of my blog this morning for posterity sake. Ahh, I will miss its clean classic simplicity, but time for a change.

Anywho, here’s a quick post before we head to the weekend. Gotta say something about the fashion at the Academy Awards. I personally LOVED Anne Hathaway’s dress. Not sure why it caused such an uproar. I think she looked adorable! Didn’t think she needed to apologize for wearing it. As long as she felt confident and liked it to begin with, can’t understand why she would say sorry.

Credit: FameFlynet

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