Open House

Yesterday was the first day we didn’t go to my condo and play Mr. & Mrs. Fix It. Instead we had the first open house. My agent said that 60 separate groups came by to take a look. Barely 3 days on the market, and that many people coming by. Isn’t that unbelievable? Anywho, the broker tour is tomorrow, then we will take a look at the offers. I am praying for good offers. I mentioned that I rarely pray for certain personal outcomes, but this time I am.

As nomad Catholics, Dean and I attended St. Columba’s 10:30am mass in Oakland for the first time yesterday. I’ve been wanting to go there upon recommendation from a friend. (Thanks for the tip, Michelle!)

What a lively parish! It’s apparently predominantly African-American, but I felt like it was more diverse than that. Like every ethnicity represented, led by an Irish-accented pastor. Lots of great singing. After the first song, Dean whispered, “Now that was worth the price of admission.” That was just an expression, as we of course don’t pay to go to church.

During the sign of peace (when everyone in the congregation shakes hands and greets each other), people bounced out of their pews and starting making the rounds. No joke. Typically, you just greet the people who are within arms length of you. But at St. Columba’s, the priest literally shook hands with every single parishioner. I was floored.

He asked my name, then said, “Great name. St. Catherine of Siena.”

The priest was a total rockstar. His homily was really moving, which is what you hope for when you go to mass. He talked about being a good listener during this Lenten season and also to let go of whatever it is that’s holding you back from being the best person that you can be. I felt really inspired by the time he was done.

Lastly, he had all the first time visitors stand up and gather at the front for a special blessing. So I feel extra specially blessed for the sale of my home.

St. Columba’s. Check it out. We all gotta go together one Sunday.


  1. Michelle says

    St Columba’s is Shakema Snow’s home parish. We ran into her the last time we were there. Her family has been going there forever.

    The other church we like is Our Lady of Lourdes that also has quite a diverse congregation.

    But yeah, once we heard the choir, we didn’t mind that it was 1.5hr mass.

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