Ashes + Anniversaries

I wish I’d taken a picture of how packed Old St. Mary’s was. Getting communion and ashes was a cluster F, but there is something so heart-warming about people gathered together in unity for a common purpose or celebration. I love going to work on Ash Wednesday, trekking to mass at noon, then everyone pouring out of church into the Financial District with black crosses on their foreheads. I stopped by the SF Soup Company for lunch, and everyone in line had their dirt marks. It’s just so weird and funny!

I did snap a picture of me when I got home, before taking a shower.

Ash Wednesday this year was extra special because it happens to be the 4 year anniversary of when Dean and I met – February 13, 2009. We met on Friday the 13th, the day before Valentine’s Day. I told you there’s so much going on right now! Too much celebration

Guess who we spent our anniversary with? Our big baby KC. Totally unplanned, but he had an expiring Groupon to Radio Africa in the ‘hood. Food wasn’t bad. Can’t say I’d go there again, but certainly decent, especially for the price. Granted you might get your car stolen, but hey, you only live once.

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