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I mentioned that one of my goals this year is to monetize my blog. I’ve been blogging for 8 years (OMG, EIGHT YEARS!) and I’ve spent a lot of time (time is money) and a great deal of investment (by paying hosting fees and graphic design projects, among other things) without reaping the benefit of financial reward. I’ve been fine with it because I have a full-time job that I love and I’m paid a fair wage, plus blogging has been a passion more than anything else. But now, given my Klout and readership, it’s time to make this a real business. I’ve been doing a lot of research, pretending I am a consultant for my blog, and figuring out ways to make this happen.

First, I promise that I will always disclose up-front if and how I am getting compensated. So you don’t have to worry about me swindling you. This will be the same blog, with minor changes, mainly ads that will be easy to ignore if you’re not interested.

Today, I started with Amazon because I personally love Amazon and I love their prime membership where I can get products handed to me at my desk within 2 days of ordering. On the Amazon widget on the bottom right hand side of this site, I listed products that are my favorites or that I buy regularly. I’ve made comments on each of them. I get a small commission for click-throughs that result in a purchase. Consider it a token of appreciation from you to me for 8 years of sharing my foibles, struggles, enlightenment, knowledge, and experiences.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my blog so far and that you continue to read for many more years to come.


  1. Kitty says

    I’m happy that you are finding ways to monetize your blog and I have no problem with ads and other promotion in the side column if that helps you take this to the next level. But please, oh please, don’t have anything that moves, like the Bloglovin flashing Eiffel Tower. So distracting to my eye. And what does the Eiffel Tower have to do with an RSS feed website? Keep up the good work, my friend.

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