Following the 23 Rules of the Office Holiday Party

Did you all read Jason Gay’s 23 rules of the Office Holiday Party in the Wall Street Journal? So hilarious. My favorite is Rule #5: If your company’s holiday party is taking place in a swanky penthouse with piles of lobster, expensive champagne, trapeze artists and Coldplay performing live on stage, immediately run back to the office and clear out your desk, because your company is declaring bankruptcy tomorrow.

Too much fun spells impending layoff! Reminds me my old startup. Haha. Good times, good times.

Dean’s holiday party was last night. Unlike rule #5, the fete was nice. Not over the top, just well-executed and perfect. It was at this new restaurant / lounge called O3 Bistro on Van Ness which was the old California Pizza Kitchen location. It’s nice, but I doubt it’ll remain open for very long. It’s not a highly-trafficked area and it’s set apart from Hayes Valley and all the symphony and ballet action.

Back to the party: open bar, nice big spread of lobster and shrimp, sushi chef, passed appetizers (the bite-sized pork belly was to-die-for), good DJ, and excellent photo booth with the vendor providing all the costumes and props. That’s the way it should be! I highly recommend these guys. I got their card, but I seem to have misplaced it at this moment.

The CEO made a very short speech about the company’s successful trajectory, then went on to thank all the spouses for putting up with the long hours. As I like to say, Dean is the brains in the family and I am merely the trophy wife.

Speaking of wives, the CEO’s wife was phenomenal! She was fluttering around the dance floor gangnam style, showing everyone how to put a ring on it, and telling everyone to call her maybe. I want to be like her when I grow up. So cool, a lot of spunk, and intelligent. Again, why do some people have it all. Not fair.

Check out how much fun we had.


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