Money Monday: Credit Scores

This one’s for you Wally! Not that I know the answer, so I’m posing it to my readers.

Wally asked, “Since you post about personal finance, can you recommend someone to talk to me about credit card debt? I have zero debt. The reason I want to talk to someone is strategies to boost credit ratings.”

Well Wally, you and I are knit from the same cloth because I don’t have any credit card debt either.

Here are my scores:

787 Equifax

781 Experian

774 Transunion

Considering I don’t have any debt and paid off a significant chunk of my student debt, I’m perplexed my scores aren’t in the 800s. I am, however, a refi fiend and the numerous credit inquiries have resulted in my scores taking a bit of a tanking.

Anyone have any ideas on how to boost your credit score?

I don’t place too much weight on credit scores as long as they’re above average. Does it really even matter?

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