Money Monday: Mortgage Shopping

For reasons I won’t disclose here, my most recent refi was denied. You can ask me offline for the details, but I made a stupid mistake which caused the reviewer to question my residency.

Back to the drawing board. I read in the news clips that Costco is now offering mortgages through a handful of stringently-screened brokers. OK, if you haven’t refi’d yet. This is it. This is the of low interest rates. Go to, then search for mortgage. It’ll step you through a questionnaire, then spit out rates offered by their vendors. I am eyeing the 3% 15-year or the 3.625% 20-year offered through CapWest Mortgage. But if these vendors are backed by the Costco name, I’m sure they’re all fine. Those rates are for a condo with zero points. And the fees are around $1k. Hot damn.


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