How to Avoid Fecal Coliform Bacteria on Your Next Flight

There’s a great article in the WSJ today about all the disgusting germs on a plane. I’ll summarize some of the key points.

There’s bacteria all over the bathroom surfaces in planes so don’t just wash your hands, also use a hand sanitizer. That right there makes me think you should always have Purell on-hand in your purse. Also, those bins in the security line that you put your shoes in? Do you think they ever get cleaned? Disgusting, huh? Once again, use Purell.

Open the air vent and direct flow just in front of your face to deflect germs and breathe filtered air. News to me: HEPA filters on jets capture 99.97% of bacterial and virus-carrying particles.

Disinfect tray tables with wipes before using.

Seat-back pockets are often stuffed with tissues and napkins, or worse—the unknown. AVOID.

Hydrate since dry mucous membranes are far less effective at blocking infection. Drink water and use saline spray.

Change seats if possible when stuck next to a cougher.

Avoid pillows and blankets.

Info taken from Scott McCartney’s article in the Wall Street Journal.

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